An Anointing for Miracles

There’s nothing supernatural about a prayer shawl itself. There’s no intrinsic power in distinctively woven threads or a specific pattern.

But when a mighty anointing hits two anointed men of God as they are praying, and He instructs them to lay hands on those shawls, transferring that strong anointing, something remarkable happens!

I have a limited number of prayer shawls that were anointed during a recent service where we saw a mighty move of God, and […]

Ask In Faith

Ask In Faith

Jesus said, “Ask the Father in My name.” Even though you are approaching God through His Son, it is still the Father you are asking for the gift. And your request goes through the Son to the Father.

How is that gift returned? Let’s say your request is for healing. God the Father… looks at God the Son and says, “Would you please heal him?”

Christ delivers the healing. […]

Victory is coming your way

Do you believe that? Are you ready to take your faith to a new level? Are you ready to take the limits off and open your life to the flood of blessing that God wants to deliver to you? If so, then you must believe His Word and renew your mind with a Proverbs 13:22 promise.

“The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” What a promise that is! And […]

Preparation for Effectual, Fervent

According to a story circulated during World War I, a British soldier was caught one night while creeping secretively back to his tent from a nearby wooded area. He was immediately hauled before his commanding officer and charged with holding communications with the enemy. The man pleaded that he had gone into the woods to pray. That was his only defense. “Have you been in the habit of spending hours in private prayer?” his officer […]

Lord, I Give You My Best!

Lord, I Give You My Best!

My mother always put so much love into her cooking, and the fragrance of whatever she was preparing filled our house… With several growing boys in the family, leftovers were never a problem. I don’t like leftovers – and neither does the Lord, for He is always asking us for our best, not our leftovers. So before we can really appreciate the Bible’s principles on how God wants us to […]

Invest in Souls

The Lord has truly opened massive doors before us. What happens next is crucial! The investment in preparation and travel for each of these services is huge, but what price do we put on the investment in souls?

Eternal Consequences

looking_downEverywhere I go, I am constantly reminded of the fact that each soul reflected in the face of every person who comes to […]

This One Thing

This One Thing

What is the one thing you want more than anything else? Until you answer this one question, and unless you begin seeking God with deep hunger and mighty thirst, literally to be as the deer in search of life-giving water—“As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God” (Psalm 42:1)—you will not enjoy a blessed relationship with God the Father, nor will […]

Israel Video Postcard

As I sit writing to you not far from where the children of Israel crossed the River Jordan and where the Battle of Jericho was fought, I’m literally overwhelmed by the rich history of the Old and New Testament history that occurred in this region. This is an especially historic season during the 70th Year of Jubilee since God implemented it, as well as the 40th Year of Jubilee since Jesus walked on this earth. […]

What is the Secret to God’s Power

What powerful services we’ve experienced this week in Brazil! Packed and overflowing crowds have welcomed us to Rio, Balneário, and São Paulo, and God has moved so mightily in our midst. Here are a few photos from those services, and I will be sending a full report of the remarkable salvations and miracles in each place so you can continue to rejoice in all that God has done here in South America.
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