Secrets to Mental Health!

God wants us to have a healthy mind to protect ourselves from the enemy's attacks. Pastor Benny talks about ways we can safeguard our mind from outside invasion from obstacles around us, in our homes, at our jobs, or within our family.

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This Week’s Blessing Prayer – “For I am the LORD that healeth thee.” Exodus 15:26 | Read Pastor Benny Hinn’s Devotion

Call to Prayer

Persecuted Christians

A Call to Prayer

Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Many countries are escalating persecution against believers.

Good Morning Holy Spirit

Discover the Holy Spirit’s Lovely Presence

Throughout this month, the emphasis is on living each moment in His lovely presence, even as you gain insight and inspiration from drawing closer—day by day—to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!

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May 28, 2020 | LIVE Miracle Healing Service with Pastor Benny Hinn!


Are you ready to discover how to receive Him as Lord and Savior?

How To Receive Jesus!

Pastor Benny’s Livestream Teachings

Our Position in Jesus! Part 1

Walking victoriously in Jesus from our position is a powerful, fresh teaching from Pastor Benny that lays out steps we can take as Christians to remain strong in the Lord. This lesson gives us insight into the book of Ephesians about gaining wisdom from God.

Our Position in Jesus! Part 2

Pastor Benny continues his teaching about our position in Christ by following the scripture that teaches us how to live the Christian life by surrendering to the Lord and fight against the devil from the seated position.

Our Position in Jesus! Part 3

This final segment in the teaching of Our Position in Jesus cements the words of Pastor Benny that God’s glorious power will always be at our side when we surrender our lives to Him. Follow along and receive a fresh anointing as you continue your Christian journey with this livestream message.

Undeniable Evidence, the Bible is God’s Word!

The book of Genesis is filled with revelations of the hidden names of the righteous. Pastor Benny shares a powerful message today that helps us stand firm in The Word and understand the extent of the life-changing the prophesies that Jesus fulfilled.

Power over Poverty!

The answer to living a life free from poverty is the Word of God. In this livestream message, Pastor Benny explains spiritual prosperity is attainable by applying the principles found in Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and more to see God as our source!


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