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Faith, Sacrifice, Warfare and Victory

Jericho is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and during his latest visit to Israel Pastor Benny Hinn stood on a hillside overlooking this city and an amazing array of places associated with miracles, power and wonders from the scriptures. He pointed out the site of our Lord’s victory at the Mount of Temptation, the place where the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land after forty years in the desert, and the location where Elisha saw Elijah caught up to heaven in a fiery chariot. Pastor Benny chose this location to declare to you that the greatest moves of evangelism, healing and prosperity are coming to the Church of Jesus Christ. As you progress through the three tests Elijah experienced, from the place of faith to sacrifice and onto warfare, you will end up where he did, at the place of victory. This program is a NOW word for you, and all you have to do to experience your miracle is to step into the flow of the anointing present on this broadcast!

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Three Keys to a RIGHT NOW Miracle

Dan Willis is Senior Pastor of Chicago’s Lighthouse Church of All Nations, one of America’s leading multicultural ministries with nearly 70 nationalities represented in its more than 4,000 members. Dan’s teachings in the areas of healing, racial reconciliation, and embracing a God-promised destiny has brought life-changing moments to audiences worldwide. Pastor Benny Hinn invited him to minister at a Monday Night Service in California, and the impact he had on those in attendance was profound. Dan’s message was based on the lessons he learned during an excruciatingly painful experience with his 14-year-old son’s decision to embrace a gang-related lifestyle on the streets of Chicago. Prepare to be encouraged and empowered by God’s faithfulness as you watch today’s program!

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God’s Power Displayed in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, is the largest city on the African continent and home to one of the most powerful churches in the world, Christ Embassy, pastored by Chris Oyakhilome. It was here that Pastor Benny Hinn ministered for two nights in the massive LoveWorld Convocation Arena to audiences of more than 50,000 in each service in the main auditorium and seven overflow buildings. On today’s program you’ll hear Pastor Chris share how Pastor Benny Hinn’s influence on his life provided the spark for a ministry which now influences millions of lives around the world, and you’ll witness the Holy Spirit’s power as amazing miracles took place throughout the vast audience. Watch, rejoice and believe that this is your day for your miracle!

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The Fire of the Holy Spirit is Sweeping Across Nigeria

On this exciting program from Lagos, Nigeria you’ll be uplifted as internationally-renowned singer Martin Phike gives a stirring rendition of his award-winning song about the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives. Then Pastor Benny Hinn welcomes a seemingly unending stream of men and women who come forward to testify of a miraculous change in their physical bodies during this service which was attended by more than 50,000. You’ll witness the thousands of young people who came forward to receive a powerful touch of the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and you’ll hear Pastor Benny’s prophetic pronouncement that “Nigeria will be God’s channel to Africa and the world. I prophesy and declare that this nation will belong to Jesus Christ. I seal this nation with a wall of fire around it until every man, every woman, every boy, and every girl will hear that Jesus is Lord!”

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Don’t Limit God!

From Lagos, Nigeria Pastor Benny Hinn presents an unforgettable word of encouragement and hope in the midst of life’s challenges. As the vast audience of over 50,000 in the main auditorium of Christ Embassy Church and seven overflow buildings worships Jesus, Pastor Benny declares that we must not limit God in our minds as to what He can and will do for us. He is a big God and nothing is impossible for Him! As Pastor Benny exhorts those in attendance to “never ask for a cupful when the ocean is yours”, he reminds us of Jesus’ words in John 14:14 - “If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it!” As you participate in this uplifting service remember that Jesus is where you are and He is ready to meet your needs as you praise Him!

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