Keeping Yourself Safe from False Prophecy!

In this fresh insightful teaching, Pastor Benny teaches about the caution believers should take when consulting perceived leaders about prophetic events. He explains that God does not reveal the sin before our salvation to anyone.

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This Week’s Blessing Prayer – “For I am the LORD that healeth thee.” Exodus 15:26 | Read Pastor Benny Hinn’s Devotion

Call to Prayer

Persecuted Christians

A Call to Prayer

Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Many countries are escalating persecution against believers.

Good Morning Holy Spirit

Discover the Holy Spirit’s Lovely Presence

Throughout this month, the emphasis is on living each moment in His lovely presence, even as you gain insight and inspiration from drawing closer—day by day—to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!

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How To Receive Jesus!

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How to Turn a Mess Into a Miracle!

This fresh new series from Pastor Benny dives straight into the story of Moses. He lived a life of luxury, but when his mess was made, he was cast out. Learn about how God spoke to Moses and lead him from a mess to a life of spiritual fulfillment, divine power, and miraculous recovery.

How to Turn a Mess Into a Miracle! Part 2

The second part of this eye-opening series takes a look at Moses’ life as a nothing through God’s intervention to lead him to salvation. Pastor Benny continues teaching from scripture about the nature of a sinner and how God’s power destroyed the nature of sin through Moses.

The Best Way to End a Human Mess is with a Divine Miracle!

God cannot use us if the events of our past linger on our hearts and minds. Pastor Benny takes us into the third part of this series following the “nobody” segment of the life of Moses and how God was able to provide the miracle needed to bring him to salvation.

How to be Victorious when You are Accused, Attacked, & Harassed!

Taking your faith as a Christian into the world can bring accusation, attacks, or harassment against you by those engaged in a life of sin. Learn today about how you can remain victorious in Christ when you follow scripture and face your obstacles with the Rod of God.

How to be Victorious when You are Accused, Attacked, & Harassed! Part 2

In this final chapter of learning how we can remain victorious in the eyes of the Lord through all obstacles, Pastor Benny explains confessing our sin to take power from the enemy. Renew your today and prepare your tomorrow knowing that through the power of God, you will win.


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