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This Is Your Day!

Give Thanks for the Anointing of the Holy Spirit!

In this important teaching, Pastor Benny Hinn cites Acts 1:8—“ But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” But how do you receive the supernatural flow of God’s precious anointing? As Pastor Benny Hinn shares during this two-part series, “The anointing is the overflow of the Life of Jesus. And we are commanded to literally be saturated in it.” Discover for yourself how to move into this overflow, and on this Thanksgiving Day be thankful to God that He has chosen to anoint your life with power! Grab a pen and paper to take notes, then be sure to call a friend or family member to tell them about this important message today and tomorrow on This Is Your Day.

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The Anointing Makes the Difference in Your Life!

Get ready to be part of a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit's Anointing upon you and your loved ones. We are in a mighty season of change in so many areas—spiritual, political, and financial. People of God are receiving more and more revelations about how He wants to use them in these last days and the the anointing is vitally important in your preparation! Today's program features the second part of Pastor Benny Hinn ’s teaching on the anointing. “When you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, He literally changes everything—your language, your behavior, even the look on your face. It’s the anointing that makes all the difference in the world!” God’s outpouring can be unleashed in your life, beginning today!

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Mighty Worship, Teaching, and Miracles from Miami, Part 1

On today's program you'll join the capacity audience at Miami's BankUnited Center for anointed worship and a powerful teaching by Pastor Benny Hinn on the Blood of Jesus. Pastor Benny traces the trail of blood sacrifices throughout scripture which led to the Cross of Calvary.  “Through the Old Testament,” he shares, “every man of God who built an altar and applied the blood—from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the rest—all understood the blood covenant. And today we are given permission by God to apply the blood on five areas of our lives.” Don't miss this amazing revelation from God's Word and the mighty miracles which follow the first part of the message!

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Mighty Worship, Teaching, and Miracles from Miami, Part 2

This is a must-see broadcast as Pastor Benny Hinn concludes his powerful teaching from Miami, Florida.  You'll learn the five areas of life on which we have permission and authority to apply the Blood of Jesus, expecting that our Covenant with God will provide protection, power and success in each of them.  That faith-building message is the focus of this telecast, along with mighty worship and remarkable miracles!

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The Greatest Miracle

One of Pastor Benny Hinn’s greatest passions in life is to see people of all ages receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Few evangelists have witnessed more people come to the Lord during massive crusades and global broadcasts than Pastor Benny during more than four decades of ministry.  “It’s wonderful to see people receive healing and deliverance,” he has said many times, “but the greatest miracle of all is salvation!”  Today you'll hear Pastor Benny deliver a life-and-eternity-changing message in Miami, Florida and you'll be thrilled at the response from the overflow audience as thousands come forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  If you have unsaved loved ones, this is a program you should encourage them to watch!

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Ministry Events

Aliso Viejo, CA September 25

Get ready for a very special Monday Night Service. Pastor Benny Hinn has a very powerful word for you and he will pray over everyone in attendance.

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Orlando, FL September 27

Join Pastor Benny Hinn, along with Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Michael and Jessica Koulianos, Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, David Popovici, Shawn Bolz, Eric Gilmour, Brian Guerin, and more—at The Jesus Conference in Orlando September 27-30.

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Toronto, Canada October 5-6

Join Pastor Benny at Rhema Christian Ministries in Toronto, Canada where he will be a Special Guest Speaker!

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Landcaster, PA October 19

Join Pastor Benny in Lancaster, PA where he will be a Special Guest Speaker!

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Fort Worth, TX October 25-28

Join Pastor Benny Hinn for the Pastor’s Conference at The Wisdom Center in Fort Worth, Texas!

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