The Three Realms of the Prophetic, Part 1

Recounting events from the scriptures and his ministry, Pastor Benny Hinn leaves no doubt that there is power in the Anointing of God and this power is available for release in your life. To experience this release in the realms of prophecy you must follow the Biblical roadmap beginning with the Word, continuing with prayer in the Spirit and finally into worship.


The Three Realms of the Prophetic, Part 2

Pastor Benny Hinn continues his important and timely message emphasizing the importance of seeking a prophetic anointing during these end times. His focus shifts from the Prophecy of Scripture to the second realm of the prophetic, the Spirit of Prophecy. He closely examines numerous scriptures which provide a clear roadmap into the prophetic.


The Three Realms of the Prophetic, Part 3

In the conclusion to his message exhorting the Body of Christ to place a renewed emphasis on the prophetic, Pastor Benny Hinn explains how you can develop the third realm, the Gift of Prophecy, in your own life and ministry. He examines seven specific steps in this process, from seeking this anointing to stirring up the gift according to II Timothy 1:6.