How to Develop Dynamic Faith

We are told:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

What is substance?

And what does substance have to do with us developing strong, dynamic faith?

I’m so excited to share something truly significant about the “substance” of your faith today!

What is faith?

Faith in God means believing in the character, in the truthfulness, and in the integrity of God Almighty Himself.

When you reach the place where you know that […]

Be Filled with Faith

Be Filled with Faith

I have often wondered why, in my own meetings, the Spirit directs me so often to pray for healing.

And I have wondered why my ministry has been accompanied by people who fall under the power of the Holy Spirit.

But when I look at the results of the meetings, I see that every manifestation of the Spirit is for one purpose: to bring people to Christ.

It is a demonstration that God […]

How to Hear from Heaven, Part 2

Do you long to move into God’s presence? Do you sincerely desire to be controlled and empowered by Him?

Do you want to hear from heaven?

The believer’s life should center on an intimate relationship with Him. But how do you begin?

Years ago, a little boy lived next door to a great artist. And every day he would go to his home and watch him paint, entranced for hours as the man worked on his great […]

Is Healing for Today’s Christians

Is Healing for Today’s Christians

If someone says, “It’s not always God’s will to heal,” let’s look at Jesus’ ministry on earth. In John 5:19-20 and John 8:28-29, we see that Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, and only said what the Father taught Him to say. In all of His ministry, He never made anyone sick. However, there are many examples that show Jesus healing people.

The one instance where He […]

God Has a Prophetic Word for You!

God has spoken to me very clearly and powerfully that 2018 will be an incredible season!

It’s time to move from the SUPERFICIAL to the SUPERNATURAL, from the SEEN to the UNSEEN, from the EVERYDAY to the EVERLASTING!

I truly believe that God wants to pour blessings over you as you’ve never experienced before!

This word is for you!

Ears have not heard…
Eyes have not seen…
What my God will do in 2018!

Since […]

How to Gain Authority in Your Faith

How to Gain Authority in Your Faith

It is impossible to predict where your walk with the Holy Spirit will lead.

The story of Stephen, as recorded in Acts, is a good example. He was not an apostle before becoming a deacon. Stephen was simply active in the church in Jerusalem, a man full of the Holy Spirit, and faith (see Acts 6:5).

It is apparent that the Holy Spirit was moving in a great and […]

Great or Small Faith

Great or Small Faith

Do you remember the story of the centurion who came to Jesus for the sake of his servant? It’s one of the clearest descriptions in the Scriptures of exactly what “faith” entails. Read Luke 7 to see if I’m telling the story correctly.

The centurion was a powerful man who commanded an entire garrison of men. Yet one day he faced a problem he couldn’t defeat on his own, and he […]

God Loves Your Family and Friends

We are entering into an amazing new season that I believe the Lord is going to anoint mightily!

One of the things on my heart has been the salvation of loved ones. I am sure that you, too, are praying for lost friends or family members who are very dear to you. It is time for them to be saved!

A few days ago, the Lord touched my heart with faith for one particular person in […]

Accepting His Great Love

Accepting His Great Love

The Old Testament was given by the Holy Spirit to the prophets of old and was completed approximately four hundred fifty years before Christ Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

This is especially exciting for Bible scholars as they understand how more than three hundred prophecies, many in graphic detail, were meticulously predicted throughout the Old Testament, then astonishingly fulfilled one by one through the birth, life, crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension […]