What’s ahead for the New Year

“Why aren’t believers around the world experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit?” a well-known pastor asked me recently.

“Hunger!” I answered immediately.

My thoughts went quickly to my recent trip to Nigeria, with glorious services and packed crowds everywhere I went. In one service alone, 8,000 pastors gathered from all over the region. The hunger I saw among these ministers of the Gospel was truly amazing.

That happened all over Nigeria. Not only in the pastors […]

Need a miracle in your life? This is God’s moment for you!

God’s anointing can change everything for you, beginning today

This past December, my dear friend Kenneth Copeland called me with this word of prophecy:

Benny, the reason I’m calling you is to let you know that God has specifically told me to tell you that this will be your greatest year ever! Whatever you claim in the name of Jesus—blessings, miracles, salvation of loved ones, financial breakthroughs—God is going to do for you in […]

Your 24-hour Turnaround!

In the past months I’ve read reports and heard of many turnaround miracle testimonies that have happened within 24 hours for many of our partners and event attendees, and I’m still receiving them.

To help build your faith, here are four recent testimonies I’ve received.

Beatrice D.
I am writing to share the good news. At the Partners Meeting in Sarasota, Florida, God used you […]

A Fresh Look at the Day of Atonement

As part of the Exodus from Egypt—recorded in Exodus 12—God instituted seven feasts. These feasts are detailed in Leviticus 23 where God instructed the children of Israel about how He wanted them to hold these seven holy gatherings each year.

The feasts fall into three clusters.

  • The first three feasts—Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits—occur in rapid succession in the spring of the year over a period of eight days. They are referred to collectively as […]

The Irresistible Power of Faith

The Irresistible Power of Faith

Volumes have been written, more volumes have been spoken regarding that indefinable something called “faith.” Yet in the final analysis, we actually know so little of the subject.

Faith is that quality or power by which the things desired become the things possessed. That is the nearest to a definition of faith attempted in the Word of God. You cannot weight faith or confine it to […]

The Four Fragrances of Christ

There is no doubt in my mind that the world is getting ready for one of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit in history.

Already God is shaking the nations with a powerful wind of the Spirit. Everywhere I go, believers are sensing this and longing for it. And I believe that we must immediately get ready for it, for a fresh, mighty wind is going to blow suddenly on the Church […]

Ask In Faith

Ask In Faith

Jesus said, “Ask the Father in My name.” Even though you are approaching God through His Son, it is still the Father you are asking for the gift. And your request goes through the Son to the Father.

How is that gift returned? Let’s say your request is for healing. God the Father… looks at God the Son and says, “Would you please heal him?”

Christ delivers the healing. […]

Release an Avalanche of Prosperity in Your Life

First, let’s establish something very important! Never forget that you are a covenant child of God with covenant rights to prosper. Although the Enemy would like to fill your mind with doubt and unbelief, the Bible clearly declares this covenant is specifically for you:
Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy […]

Take Your Eyes Off Your Need

The ringing of the cell phone I was carrying sliced like a knife through the quiet murmurings of those who were praying at the Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem. I knew the voice on the other end of the phone would deliver news that would have a profound impact on my life and ministry. My attorney had spent the morning in federal court before a judge who was known for her […]