Holy Spirit Bundle

Pastor Benny Hinn will take you deeper into knowing the wonderful third person of the Trinity and encourage you to know and experience a relationship with Him in new and glorious ways.

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Mental Health

There is an answer to every challenge you face in this chaotic world. Learn how God’s Word can give you victory in every area of your life.

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Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Benny Hinn examines the invisible world from a scriptural perspective. He explains the biblical background of the age-old conflict between God almighty and war.

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Pastor Benny Hinn moves into teachings on intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and faith-filled worship that moves mountains.

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Pastor Benny teaches that because we are God’s children, we no longer have any need to be ashamed. We are no longer rejected. We belong to the best family in the universe.

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Pastor Benny Hinn shares biblical keys and dynamic insights on the importance of joining prayer with fasting for a focus that more fully releases the power available to every believer.

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Economic Victory

Join Pastor Benny Hinn as you implement these principles, exercising your faith to meet God and place His hand upon you to give you the favor you need to be successful.

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God desires for you and your loved ones to walk in health. He longs for you to be whole. He wants you to enjoy an abundant life of divine health!

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Be Inspired

One of the great messages of the Bible is that through Christ, old things are passed away and everything becomes new.

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Biblical Taste & Wellness

Be part of this exciting journey through the scriptures and participate in this extraordinary bundle.

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Throughout the Bible we see God speak to His people through dreams and visions.

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The Anointing

In this urgently needed inspirational study on the operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, discover how you can enter a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit.

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Español – Holy Spirit

Los dones del Espíritu son diferentes al fruto del Espíritu.

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School of Ministry

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Fresh Manna 1

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Fresh Manna 2

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