Grace that Carries Us Home

Grace that Carries Us Home

Because of the blood of the Lamb, the children of Israel passed from death to life, darkness to light. Because of the blood of the Lamb, believers today are also delivered from death to life.

Judgment may be all around you, but the moment you experience salvation through the Cross, the blood of the Lamb covers your life. You are no longer under judgment. You are under grace because of […]

Abounding in Favor

Abounding in Favor

Everyone has an opportunity to walk in favor, and each of us has been in situations where we really needed it. I believe that your understanding of how you can ABOUND IN FAVOR will greatly affect how successful you are in life, and how close you get to fulfilling the divine purpose that God created you to fulfill while you’re alive.

In order to understand “favor” you must […]

A Fresh Look at the Day of Atonement

As part of the Exodus from Egypt—recorded in Exodus 12—God instituted seven feasts. These feasts are detailed in Leviticus 23 where God instructed the children of Israel about how He wanted them to hold these seven holy gatherings each year.

The feasts fall into three clusters.

  • The first three feasts—Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits—occur in rapid succession in the spring of the year over a period of eight days. They are referred to collectively as […]

Victory is coming your way

Do you believe that? Are you ready to take your faith to a new level? Are you ready to take the limits off and open your life to the flood of blessing that God wants to deliver to you? If so, then you must believe His Word and renew your mind with a Proverbs 13:22 promise.

“The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” What a promise that is! And […]

Outpouring of the Spirit

Outpouring of the Spirit

With a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has reservoirs larger than all the oil cartels combined, why is it that the church, the body of Christ, is deficient? Why are so many lamps on the verge of losing their flame? It is time to realize that your fuel is not self-generated. Your intellect, enterprise, and connections are hollow shells and empty in the sight of God. […]

7 Reasons for Healing and Miracles

The wonderful English Bible teacher Smith Wigglesworth used to tell about traveling one day in a railway coach. Two others on the train—a mother and daughter—were very sick, so Wigglesworth said to them, “Look, I’ve something in the bag that will cure every case in the world. It has never been known to fail.” The mother and daughter were quite interested, so the minister went on to tell them about this “remedy.” When they finally […]

Israel Video Postcard

As I sit writing to you not far from where the children of Israel crossed the River Jordan and where the Battle of Jericho was fought, I’m literally overwhelmed by the rich history of the Old and New Testament history that occurred in this region. This is an especially historic season during the 70th Year of Jubilee since God implemented it, as well as the 40th Year of Jubilee since Jesus walked on this earth. […]

Supernatural Safety and Supply

“Your children will be orphans by morning!” Try as I might, I have never been able to erase from my memory that moment when I was 10 that a radical stepped into our Jaffa home, pointed a gun at my mother, then growled those terrifying words. I knew what people like that man were capable of. I had already seen too much hatred and violence for several lifetimes. At five years of age, I had started school, […]

Your Breakthrough Appointment with God

The month of September, emblazoned on God’s holy calendar since the days of Moses—well over 30 centuries ago—begins one of the most historic, sacred seasons of the Jewish year! These coming days are extremely sacred times with God. This is His time to meet with His people. And what happens during this pivotal moment on God’s timetable can change everything for you, your family, your finances, and your future.

The Day of Atonement…and You!

Especially important […]