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Volunteer Chefs, Others Step in to Provide Meals for Needy Israelis During Corona Crisis

  • EVP volunteers are helping to fight the Coronavirus.

  • EVP acquired a mobile kitchen, provided by donations, to provide meals for Israelis.

  • EVP is able to provide a critical service in these unprecedented times.

When terrorists sent fire kites and balloons across the border from Gaza to burn Israel, the Emergency Volunteer Project stepped in to help. EVP rallied dozens of American firefighters as volunteers to work with Israel to battle the blazes.

Now EVP volunteers are helping to fight another scourge — the Coronavirus.

“EVP is ready to assist the people and State of Israel 24/7,” said Eitan Charnoff, EVP Spokesperson and Director of Deployments. 

“Due to the international nature of Corona physical international assistance is out of the question. As a result, we have opted to deploy our mobile kitchen,” Charnoff said.

EVP originally acquired a mobile kitchen — provided by donations from Christian Zionists – to provide meals for Israelis stuck in bomb shelters, Charnoff told CBN News.

“We are currently providing around 700 warm, fresh meals per day to the neediest populations in Israel,” he added.

The EVP is currently operating in four cities and towns in northern Israel.  Israeli chefs, who are currently out of work due to the crisis, are volunteering along with others to prepare fresh meals daily.

“Thanks to close collaboration with several municipalities and mayors including that of Kiryat Shemona, EVP is able to provide a critical service in this unprecedented times” said Adi Zahavi, EVP Founder and CEO.