Eight Attitudes of the Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount, which happened early in Christ’s ministry, took place after He was baptized by John the Baptist. After teaching and ministering to people in Galilee

“He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him” (Matthew 5:1).

The sermon (Matthew 5-7) is not only the longest continuous discourse recorded in the New Testament, but it also includes some of the best known teachings of Jesus—offering the […]

Daily Blessings

Daily Blessings

If you wish to enjoy communion with the Lord Jesus in receiving His grace, you must also endeavor to draw supplies from Him at all times.

Let no mercy come into your house without giving thanks for it. Make note of all of your Master’s benefits. Always keep the gates of your soul open, sit by the side of the road to watch the treasures of grace that God the Spirit hourly conveys […]

God Has a Prophetic Word for You!

God has spoken to me very clearly and powerfully that 2018 will be an incredible season!

It’s time to move from the SUPERFICIAL to the SUPERNATURAL, from the SEEN to the UNSEEN, from the EVERYDAY to the EVERLASTING!

I truly believe that God wants to pour blessings over you as you’ve never experienced before!

This word is for you!

Ears have not heard…
Eyes have not seen…
What my God will do in 2018!

Since […]

The Power of Your Vow

If you remember, when I was a child in Jaffa, after the Six Day War in 1967, my father began making plans to move our family out of the country. We faced near-impossible odds, especially with our exit visas. As the problems continued, I got down on my knees and made a personal, heartfelt vow to God:

“Lord, if You will get us out, I’ll bring You the biggest jar of olive oil I can […]

God’s Uncontainable Blessings

God’s Uncontainable Blessings

It is my belief that Paul’s teaching on giving and receiving came out of his understanding of tithing under the Old Covenant. As he studied Malachi 3:10—after he had come up under the New Covenant—he saw that God had a deeper meaning in having his people give. Their giving proved Him, giving evidence to His goodness. Under the risen Christ, Paul was inspired of the Holy Spirit to put all the […]

A New Decade of Blessings

A New Decade of Blessings

In the financial crises you face, are you looking at the dry, parched ground of your circumstances? Or, is your heart and mind fixed upon God’s promises to you?

Are you withholding from God because of your own personal lack or need? Or, are you sowing seed, through your giving, and trusting God to fulfill His promises?

God commanded His blessing upon Isaac until he was the richest man in the […]

An Awesome Supply

An Awesome Supply

With a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has reservoirs larger than all the oil cartels combined, why is it that the church, the body of Christ, is deficient? Why are so many lamps on the verge of losing their flame?

It is time to realize that your fuel is not self-generated. Your intellect, enterprise, and connections are hollow shells and empty in the sight of God. Total […]

Abounding in Favor

Abounding in Favor

Everyone has an opportunity to walk in favor, and each of us has been in situations where we really needed it. I believe that your understanding of how you can ABOUND IN FAVOR will greatly affect how successful you are in life, and how close you get to fulfilling the divine purpose that God created you to fulfill while you’re alive.

In order to understand “favor” you must […]

Your Season for an Open Heaven is Come

Ever since I returned home from holding powerful and amazing services in England, the Lord has continued to pull me to this passage:
Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3:10)
Again and again, He has told me, “Your season for an open heaven is come!” 

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