Release the Power of God in Your Life

  • Your love and desire for God releases blessings in your life.

  • When you worship God and obey His word, your needs will be met.

  • He wants you blessed in every area of your life.

You will release the supernatural power of God in your life when you learn to praise Him with all your heart. By sincerely worshipping Him on a regular basis, you will begin to experience victory in every area of your life (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Many Christians are living defeated lives because they have never learned how to tap into the power of praise and worship.

Worshipping God demonstrates your love and faith in His ability to take care of your problems. When you keep your motives pure and praise Him because you love and desire to please Him, He is able to release blessings in your life.

Here some of the benefits you’ll experience as a result of praising God.

You will have greater peace in your life. By praising God, you release your faith in His ability to take care of you and your needs so you’ll worry less and sleep better.

Your family will be blessed for your sake-some examples of this may be your husband and children being protected from harm, your husband getting a raise at his job or making decisions that impacts your family in a positive way.

As you faithfully continue to praise God, increased blessings will start to appear in your life (Psalms 84:11). The suit you have been wanting goes on sale, your spouse buys you the music CD you’ve been wanting or your friend gives you a gift certificate to your favorite bookstore.

When you worship God and obey His word, your needs will be met. Eventually, you will no longer struggle to make the house payments nor worry about your lights getting shut off.

You’ll see increased answers to your prayers. Praising God with a sincere heart, gives you favor with Him and increases your confidence in His willingness to bless you.

Establishing a lifestyle of praise and worship is an essential part of living a victorious Christian life. Make the commitment today to obey His Word and consistently give Him your heartfelt praise. No matter what your present circumstances, He wants you blessed in every area of your life.

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