On July 25–26, 2014, after nearly a year of preparation, best-selling author and internationally known evangelist Benny Hinn ministered to over 1.6 million people in Papua, New Guinea.

In addition, untold millions watched both services on live prime-time television in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Asian-Oceania nations!

The event was sanctioned, approved, and promoted by the government, as well as sponsored and organized by Governor Lukas Enembe and a local committee composed of nearly 4,000 distinguished pastors and community leaders.

Huge billboards and advertisements dotted the highways to herald the event, and a huge permanent stage was constructed on an air force base near Jayapura in anticipation of the crusade.

Sponsors had hoped for at least a half-million attendees for each of the two services, and government estimates for the first night was over 645,000 and in excess of one million for the second service!

Governor Enembe attended the event and reported that this was the largest public gathering in the history of Indonesia!

The host city, for the first time in its history, was empty of traffic and pedestrians, as all of them were in the crusade.

During each service, an invitation was given to all who wanted to surrender their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ, and vast numbers from the audience responded positively. Altar calls were overwhelming, with thousands praying to receive Jesus Christ as Savior!

In addition, there were many remarkable testimonies of healing. A lady, blind in both eyes, was suddenly healed and could see clearly; a woman, paralyzed for 17 years, began walking; and a man, stricken four years ago with a stroke and unable to walk, was completely healed. Many more accounts of miracles included healings from diabetes, deafness, pain, sight problems, and much more.

Benny Hinn reports, “I’m in the midst of my fortieth year of ministry, and I am seeing a growing intensity that is nothing short of miraculous. I truly believe, what we’ve witnessed in recent days in Indonesia is a foretaste of what is to come during upcoming weeks and months!”

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