In His Presence Restoration Renewal

In His Presence There is Restoration and Renewal

  • There is no replacement for God’s Holy presence.

  • When you come into His presence He will lighten your load.

  • After being in His presence you will feel refreshed and renewed.

In His presence there is peace, safety, guidance, joy, and love.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lacking in peace and joy, frustrated or even worried? Are you involved in various church activities, functions and attendance but don’t feel refreshed? Maybe it’s time to step away from the busyness of life and step into His presence.

People may not understand, and they may try and sway you to do things. There is refreshment and restoration in His presence. Sometimes we need to say “No” to things and people, even if they are good things. Life will keep you busy. You should get into a quiet place and get rid of all distractions like electronic devices.

If we stay so busy we can have trouble hearing from God and what He wants for us. We can become easily distracted and lose focus. Our strength comes from the Lord. If we feel weak and worn-out, we may need to step away and go to the throne.

When you come into His presence He will lighten your load, and will speak truth about your situations. There is no other place to “fill up” like this. There is no replacement for God’s Holy presence.

What can you do in His presence?

  • You can sing and worship with praise music.
  • You can read the Bible and selected scriptures to meditate on.
  • Be sill and listen for His voice.
  • Cry, rejoice, and talk to God as if He is your best friend.
  • Journal what God speaks or impresses to you.

There is no formula to being in His presence. You can do a mixture of things or just one thing, and each time you spend with God can be different. Don’t be set on spending time with God in a certain way. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to what He wants you to do.

Anyone need refreshment, restoration, and guidance? If yes, plug into the source, the presence of the Holy Spirit. After being in His presence you will feel refreshed and renewed and in His presence, there is no fear, worry, anxiety, stress, and frustration.

Step away, carve out time, and say, “No” to things/activities that would pull you away from this time. Everyone needs this, not just pastors and leaders but every Christian who is fighting in this spiritual battle needs to be in His presence. Every Christian also needs this for God to direct and guide their steps, plans, and pour out His anointing on what He has called you to do. In His presence you can receive an outpouring of grace, mercy, joy and peace, and every believer needs this.

You will show me the path of life. In your PRESENCE is fullness of joy; At your right hand are pleasures fovermore. Psalm 16:11

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