Today’s Key Scripture

“That path no bird knows, nor has the falcon’s eye seen it. The proud lions have not trodden it, nor has the fierce lion passed over it.”

— Job 28:7-8

Job tells us there is a secret place, known and available only to God’s children. And when God’s children enter into it, only then is the power of God activated on their behalf and on the behalf of those in desperate need.

Job describes a path, a place, which no fowl knows. That place is the secret place, that glorious place so secure and protected that no demonic power can find it. It is a place hidden in God that no vulture’s eye has seen. No demon on earth or Satan, the enemy of our souls, has seen or knows. It is a place of refuge, a place of safety that no lion’s whelps (principalities and powers) pass by—not even the lion (Satan).

That place is the place of prayer. It’s the place of constant communication.

The psalmist tells us it is in that secret place that we will find the Lord to be our refuge and fortress, and it is in that secret place that He covers us with His wings so that no evil will befall us nor any plague come near our dwelling.

That secret path—that secret place—is where you will discover true power and supernatural protection.


A Prayer for Today

Almighty Father, I want to dwell in Your secret place. I want to live in Your presence. I want to understand You more. I want to be able to pray in times of adversity, in times of prosperity, in times of danger, and in times of security. I want to be nourished of You in every way, every day. I long for Your touch on my life, and I seek to be covered by Your wings. I love You, and I pray all this in Jesus’ name, the name above all names, amen.


*All Scripture references are NKJV unless otherwise noted.