Are We Faithful

  • How can we be faithful to our families?

  • As parents we need to take the time to know our children.

  • Faithfulness means sticking together through the thick and thin.

As children of God, it is imperative that this character of His faithfulness is seen in our lives which generally starts in the family.

Although families come in different shapes, we have all been uniquely placed by divine orchestration.

God in his wisdom did not allow us to choose our families but demands our faithfulness to them. How can we be faithful to our families?

It means that as children we should obey our parents early in life and as the dynamics change, honor them.

It also means consistent enquiry of their welfare. This may not always be monetary based but may be as simple as a phone call.

It will be right to say that our children are also watching the way we treat our parents and may treat us just the same. It means that as parents we take the time to know our children, observe them for their uniqueness and try our best to guide them in the way that enables efficient use of their gifts and talents rather than comparing them with others.

It is faithfulness to discipline them as the need arises. It is also being faithful to your primary role as a father to provide and protect your family and as a mother to nurturing and being a helpmeet. I get weary of meeting strangers who on their first conversation with me feel the need to let me know how bad their spouses are!

So, what about our siblings? As the demands of life pull us further away from each other, it is going to take more than mere wishing to keep in touch with them.

The fact that they are siblings does not necessarily translate to friendship and so apart from praying for them, let us take the time to know them, communicating always with a non-judgmental attitude.

We sometimes fall guilty of treating outsiders better than we treat our family members. Would it shock our family members if they watch a replay of us at work or at church? Are we more generous with our money, our comments outside than at home when it matters the most?

It is amazing how people can be greeters in church and never smile at home!

Not everyone will like to admit it, but the truth is that we may not like all our family members we love, but faithfulness means sticking together through the thick and thin.

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