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The Arab-Israeli conflict makes daily headlines, but few understand the history behind the struggle. In Blood in the Sand, Benny Hinn takes you deep inside the region—the history, politics, and religions—to show you what is happening there and, more importantly, why. Drawing from his deep history in the area, his personal relationships with top Israeli and Arab leaders, and his biblical scholarship, he answers critical questions such as: How did we get into this tragic situation? What are the dangers? What does the Bible say about the future.

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  • 256 page, softcover
  • Available in English
  • Benny Hinn shares his memories of his childhood with historical facts and biblical prophecy to take you on a journey from Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael to the critical situation we face today.

“It was a quiet summer morning in Jaffa, Israel, the historic costal city that boarders Tel Aviv. As a fourteen-year-old I was seated in my classroom, when suddenly I heard a sound that sent shivers through my body and made my heart stand still. That Monday, June 5, 1967, the air-raid sirens began to wail, and I thought, This is it!” — Benny Hinn

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5 reviews for Blood in the Sand – Softcover

  1. Lissette Quinones

    I have read almost all of Pastor Benny books, I just love how simple he writes book , they are really easy to understand and powerful

  2. TerryMarie Parrott

    This is a wonderful and enlightening book. Ordered 2 and gave one to my pastor for Christmas and he was so happy to get a copy. It will stir you to “Pray for Israel”. Thank you Pastor Benny for sharing this with us.

  3. Israel Agavah

    I like to read blood in the sand because i feal it has some thing to do with my personal life

  4. Charlie Plaza

    I’ve read every Benny Hinn’s book, but this book is extra special! It made me realize the REAL troubles of the middle east and what God is doing! An excellent book for those who care about Gods precious land! A MUST have! A+

  5. Leah Ferg

    I could not put this book down. In less than 6 hours i read it front to back. Pastor Benny really gives you the true insight as to what is taking place in Israel and all over that region.

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      Currently this book is available in English.

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