Wrapped in the Word of God!

We are in the process of shipping and distributing thousands of Scripture blankets to New York’s inner city, where temperatures are plunging.

Working with Bill Wilson and Metro World Child, America’s largest ministry to children, we are going into these needy neighborhoods, donating the blankets, ministering the Gospel, and praying with desperate families. No one receives a blanket without hearing that God loves them and that He wants to release them from the hurt they are experiencing. I wish you could see the joy on their faces when they hold this soft, warm blanket in their hands. Your gift of $35 or a monthly gift of $19.95 will help get these specially designed Scripture blankets into the hands of impoverished children during this wintery season. Click here to give.

UPDATED – 12/13/2021

A few days ago I shared from my heart with you about sending thousands of Scripture-promise blankets to children and families hardest hit by the harsh winter.

It’s happening now! The blankets are being loaded now, and in just a few days they will be arriving in New York City to be distributed in person to the neediest of children.

Throughout our 47 year history, this ministry has been supporting children’s ministries around the world—medical and dental clinics, feeding programs, disaster relief, homes for the homeless, and so much more. This is the heart of this ministry, and time after time my faithful partners have given so unselfishly to support these heartwarming and life-changing outreaches.

I’ve been especially concerned about the welfare of children as we approach the harshest part of the winter season. Too many of the neediest are homeless, living in cars or in shelters, surviving from day to day, and so desperately needing our help.

So this winter I have designed special Blankets of Blessing for our ministry to donate to the poor and needy children around our nation. We are partnering with my dear, longtime friend, Bill Wilson of Metro World Child, America’s largest ministry to children, going into low-income neighborhoods, donating the cozy 60×50-inch blankets, ministering the Gospel, and praying with desperate families. We are beginning with the desperate children in the New York City inner city area.

These beautiful Blankets of Blessing are covered in Scripture.  

As you can see from the photos, these comforting coverings have promises of healing and blessing printed from top to bottom.

And now they are headed from Texas to New York City!

These are one-of-a-kind blankets that I have designed and prepared especially for these children. Our ministry manufactured them in anticipation of this Christmas season and the coming weeks of winter, and I want you to be a part of the blessings that come when we support the hurting and needy children across America.

Help me support families in need this Christmas season!

I need your help to do this very special work, and I want you to be part of the harvest and blessing that come when you give to the poor.

I’m asking you to give a gift of $35 or a monthly gift of $19.95 to help with the expenses of shipping, manufacturing, and distributing these blankets.

Will you help me accomplish the goal of putting these beautiful blankets into the hands of many thousands of children?

Give the gift of warmth and God’s love to a needy child this season!

It’s so much more than a blanket—it’s a well-placed gift of comfort, Scripture, peace, and evangelism, all wrapped up in a cozy, warm Blanket of Blessing.

I’m counting on you and so are the children in the inner city of New York. But most of all, our precious Jesus is counting on us to be His feet, His hands, His love, and His comfort.

Please click here now and offer your gift of $35 or a monthly commitment of $19.95.

I’ll be sending more videos, photos, and results as the Advent season continues so you can see what your gift is doing in the lives of those too often without hope and love.