Today’s Key Scripture (all references NKJV unless otherwise noted):

You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence

From the plots of man;

You shall keep them secretly in a pavilion

From the strife of tongues.

—Psalm 31:20

Can you imagine a place where few enter, where you are saturated with the presence of God, where the glory is, where you are literally baptized in God’s awesome power?

There is a place in His presence when you no longer feel guilty or confess sin. That was taken care of in the Outer Court.  You pass through the Holy Place, where your soul begins to surrender to the will of the Father.

Then something miraculous happens. You go beyond the veil, deeper with the Father than ever.  The flesh cannot enter. The soul can no longer talk or participate. Communion begins with your spirit.  God begins speaking.  His presence is so abundant that you can only listen. You must be quiet.  In the presence of God, words are inadequate.  You have entered into a higher revelation.

Quietness is all around you, but not as a sign of lack.  It is a sign of abundance. Christ Jesus is no longer the Person about whom you’ve read.  He becomes real, altogether lovely, the express image of God’s glory.  This is where He reveals Himself.

May you find this secret place of revelation, and may the Holy Spirit transform your life during the coming days!

A Prayer for Today:

Precious Jesus, how I long to worship you in the secret place of Your presence. Help me to seek you and find you in that secret place, the Holy of Holies. Help me to quiet myself and to find the peace that passes all human understanding. May I live for You, in You, and through You in everything I do. And may You protect me and my loved ones from all evil and harm as we find safety in Your limitless mercy and grace. I pray this in Your name that is above all names. Amen!