Today’s Key Scripture

“My sheep hear My voice.”

— John 10:27

As we act more and more upon what God tells us to do, we will discover that He trusts us more and more with additional responsibilities. He knows He can share His heart’s desire—and His will—with us because He knows we will obey.

God speaks to us through prayer, through reading God’s Word, words of prophecy, the testimony of others, and more.

Keep in mind that learning to hear God’s voice is a process. A relationship like this is exercised or strengthened through daily time together in prayer and reading His Word. We become acquainted with God. As we become intimate with Him, we will be better able to discern what He is telling us.

And as you grow spiritually, you will be able to discern even better what God is saying. You will discover that only after you act upon hearing His voice will God tell you what to do next. It sounds so blatantly simple, but it’s difficult for humans to accept such a transparently uncomplicated-yet-supernatural principle.

Don’t wait for Him to fill in all the blanks before you decide to obey. Act upon what you already know is God’s will, and make sure it lines up with His Word.

Begin by listening for His voice when you say, “Good morning, Holy Spirit!” Then learn to hear His voice throughout the day and night. Your life will never be the same.


A Prayer for Today

Father, receive my heartfelt gratitude for giving me salvation and Your abundant life. Thank You for speaking to me. Help me to listen. Help me to act upon hearing Your voice. I struggle at times with accepting Your truth, but I once again lift up my prayers to You, asking for forgiveness for my stubbornness and unbelief. I open my heart to what You can already see, asking You to create a clean, transparent heart within me. Guide my steps today as You provide answers to all my questions. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.


*All Scripture references are NKJV unless otherwise noted.