The Anointing


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Restoring the Anointing

Pastor Benny features powerful insight on the ways God strengthens believers during the most troublesome times: Jubilee – Teaching from Leviticus 25, Pastor Benny explains that when the children of Israel cried out, God not only delivered them from bondage in Egypt, but He also continued to provide deliverance every fifty years by declaring a Jubilee in the land. Restoration of Anointing – Pastor Benny teaches that God’s moment of restoration is upon us. Citing 2 Kings 6:1-7, he points out three important parts of the anointing: the right location, the right leadership, and the right application. This powerful teaching series will change your life forever!

Move from Bondage to Restoration

Operating in the Anointing

In this urgently needed inspirational study on the operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, discover how you can enter a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit. Discover powerful insights into the power and increase of the anointing, how to protect the anointing, seven results of the anointing, the transfer of the anointing, the anointing as it relates to ministry, purposes of the anointing, restrictions for leaders, biblical results of the anointing, and the double-portion anointing.

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Operating in the Anointing Study Guide eBook

Join Pastor Benny Hinn for an urgently needed, inspirational study on the operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit promised by the Savior in Acts 1:8. Discover how you can enter a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit as you experience the anointed power available to believers. Jesus promised that we will receive power after the Holy Ghost comes upon us. God's presence is His glory and His person; His anointing is His power.

The anointing is God's power!


9 reviews for The Anointing

  1. Feven Isaak

    Thank you Poster Benny Hinn
    I need to know more of The precious

  2. Shepherd Margaret Natukunda

    I wish to see pastor Benny Hinn one day….. because of him I have learnt to know the word of God more deeply. I love the books for the teaching is beyond encouraging

  3. Samuel Inkoom

    Strange dimensions of Grace on benny can’t wait to get my copy of your books… You are already a blessing and forever will be…

  4. Utoro Ruth


  5. Tammy Simpson

    I have seen Binny Hinn live in South Africa 🇿🇦 Would like to know more about the Holy Spirit💖

  6. Mary Selvam

    I love to know about the Holy Spirit and i love the teaching of Pastor Benny

  7. Sarah Weiguny

    Oh Lord I need this in German

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