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Dreams & Visions

Throughout the Bible we see God speak to His people through dreams and visions. But the question often arises, does He still communicate to us in this way today? In this remarkable study, Pastor Benny Hinn teaches us how to listen, interpret, and confirm through the Bible what God is saying to us through dreams and visions. Learn more about dreams and visions, including five keys on how to interpret communication from God.

God is speaking...but are you listening?

5 Things That Will Happen Before Jesus Christ Returns

We are living in a prophetic hour. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. We must be aware of what is happening. We must be able to know where we are on God’s timeline. And as the time of His return approaches, we must realize that the cry of heaven for souls, souls, souls continues to intensify. Even as darkness increasingly covers our earth, an unprecedented revival is beginning. As we arise, shine, and allow the glory of the Lord to touch and transform our lives, His attributes, His presence, and His person will shine through us during the coming days!

The Signs Are Everywhere!

The Four Realms of the Prophetic

Sharing scripture after scripture that reveals the various times people prophesied and the circumstances surrounding the events, Pastor Benny Hinn explains the gifts of the Spirit, breaking them into three categories: revelation gifts, vocal gifts, and power gifts. When it comes to prophecy, you must realize that it is vital, you must release your faith, and you must learn to operate in the anointing by releasing your faith through praise and worship. When that happens among believers, the prophetic is going to erupt.

God Pours Out His Spirit Upon Believers



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