Today’s Key Scripture (all references NKJV unless otherwise noted:

Prepare the table, set a watchman in the tower, eat and drink. Arise, you princes,

anoint the shield!

—Isaiah 21:5

As you diligently serve the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart, the anointing will intensify upon your life. The anointing of God grows stronger upon your life as you prepare the table and as you eat, drink, arise, and watch.

How do we prepare the table?

You prepare the table by watching, in prayer. This deals with preparation to receive the Word of God. We must prepare our hearts for the Word of God.

In ancient times, guards would stand and watch in a watchtower making sure the enemy would not attack and catch the sentries unawares. The Word of God refers to this when it says to watch and pray. In other words, “Be alert.”

You prepare the table, meaning your heart, in prayer. And when you do, the Word of God that comes alive will bring liberty. Your faith will increase as you spent time in prayer and the Word.

The anointing of God will affect your walk with Christ, transforming your prayer life, and causing your weakness to become strong.

As that anointing begins to flow through you, lives will be touched and people will be saved!

A Prayer for Today:

Help me to remember that the only Gospel some people may see today is not the printed pages of a Bible, but in what they see in me. Help me to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to work through me. Help me to be ready for whatever is ahead. May Your Word come alive through my actions and deeds. And may my faith increase. I give my heart to You daily, trusting You to lead me in the path of righteousness. I love You, Lord, for all You are doing in me, through me, and with me. And I pray this in Your Name, Amen!