3,500 Meals have been provided thanks to your generosity!

As officials continue to assess the damage from severe weather in multiple locations in the northern part of Middle Tennessee and in South Central Kentucky, I’m asking my partners and ministry friends to join me in praying for those in the wake of the three EF2 tornados and two EF1 tornados.

Please pray for those affected by the storms. So many have been ravaged by these storms. My heart is broken for those who have lost family members, friends, houses, and businesses, and right now it is so important that believers lift up each of these precious people in prayer.  

So many have been injured. So much property has been destroyed. But we know that God “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). We stand on those promises, even as we join together to intercede for each person affected by the storms.  

And as we have done throughout our 47 years of ministry, Benny Hinn Ministries is already joining with ministries in the affected area to provide desperately needed relief supplies and assistance.  

UPDATED – 12/12/2021

A mammoth 250-mile-long series of tornado strikes left at least 79 dead across four southern states. This may become one of the most devastating storms on record—just days before Christmas.

However, immediately after the tragic news began spreading, Benny Hinn Ministries moved quickly to serve and help first responders.

As the sun came up on Sunday morning, we were working closely with Mercy Chefs to serve piping hot meals to survivors, volunteers, and first responders in Mayfield, Kentucky. Though heartbroken over the loss and tragedy we are seeing, our team is already working with those in place to mobilize equipment, groceries, equipment, and personnel into the hardest-hit areas. Our first target is to provide and serve 3,500 meals.

As assessment of the damage continues, I ask for you to join me and my worldwide partners in praying for those affected so tragically by these unimaginable storms. Remember that it is only through the generous gifts of our partners and ministry friends that we are able to respond so quickly to tragedies such as this.

UPDATED – 12/13/2021

The search and rescue teams have been working non-stop, through the night, digging for survivors in the collapsed candle factory. 

Hot chef- prepared, nutritionally balanced meals going out at midnight to sustain them through this very rough task in 30 degree weather, from Mercy Chefs.

With and from the love and compassion of our partners.