• Valentina, Mariano, Rubi and David were abandoned by their mother.

  • Government authorities placed them in My Father’s House.

  • Each child now has hopes, dreams, and living a Godly life.

Benny Hinn Ministries Partners reach out every day to hurting people of all ages around the globe. One of the most touching stories continues to be written, day by day, about four very special children in Mexico.

Valentina, Mariano, Rubi and David were abandoned by their mother, then lived for a perilous time with their father and stepmother. They were abused by their stepmother until the Children’s Department (DIF) stepped in to rescue them. At the time they ranged in ages from ten to five.

Everything changed for these children when the government authorities decided that My Father’s Place was the best choice for them to be safe and nurtured.

My Fathers House Children Playing - Benny Hinn Ministries

These precious children are amazing. Valentina is a church youth leader who wants to be a teacher someday. Mariano loves learning about computers, and wants to run his own office when he grows up. Rubi dreams of going to college and becoming a teacher. Little David is determined to become a computer engineer and teach others about computers.

“We love God,” Valentina says in behalf of her siblings.

“My Father’s House has changed our lives. We feel very loved by God here. We are very happy. We have many friends. We are taught here to tell the truth, study, respect other people, obey and get good grades. Mainly we learn about Jesus Christ who loves us.”

The Tulancingo-area My Father’s House, opened in May 2004, provides a home for abandoned, needy and less fortunate children.

Not only does My Father’s House offer an opportunity for precious children like Valentina, Mariano, Rubi and David to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, blessed, beautiful environment, but great emphasis is placed on providing wholesome activities to  build strong, balanced, happy, productive men and women who reach the world for Jesus Christ.