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This Is Your Day!


This is the Moment for Your Miracle!

Do you need a miracle? Is your family in disarray, your bank account depleted or your job a dead-end? Are your emotions frayed to the point of snapping or does God seem far, far away? Don’t lose hope! There’s a reason Pastor Benny Hinn named his TV program “This is Your Day for a Miracle!” If you’re desperately seeking real and lasting solutions to the difficult problems you’re facing, then it only makes sense to listen those who have spent a lifetime learning to tap into the presence and power of God on a regular basis. Pastor Benny and Pastor Coy Barker are two such men, and during the course of their discussion on today’s broadcast you’re going to experience a moment in which you truly understand that the resolution to your situation is at hand! A Word from God will activate your miracle! Get ready! A change is coming!

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Don’t Bury God’s Promises in a Pile of Ashes!

Coy Barker is Senior Pastor of Elevation Church in Loganville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. He and Pastor Benny Hinn first met in the 1980’s and since that time both men have had a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God across America and around the world. Today they discuss one of the darkest times in David’s life as recounted in I Samuel 30 and how tragedy turned into triumph as the future king of Israel followed God’s instructions. What did David do when the enemy invaded his camp, stole his possessions, kidnapped his family, burned everything to the ground and shattered his dreams? Even though his own men who had suffered the same fate turned against him, David was determined that this was not the end. He prayed and asked God what to do and how to do it, and the Word of the Lord he received was clear: pursue the enemy, overtake them and recover everything! You may be in the same positon David found himself in, with everything in flames around you and with no hope in sight. Don’t bury God’s promises in a pile of ashes! He is going to change your situation quickly when you do what David did – pursue, overtake and recover all!

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More Than Enough, Too Much and Overflow!

Pastor Benny Hinn describes the prophetic anointing on Brian Carn’s life as “very precious”.  On today’s program you’ll witness this anointing being manifested with amazing detail and accuracy.  You’ll also hear a powerful message in which Brian examines the one place in scripture where God gave Himself a name (Exodus 3), and what His name means for every area of your life.  It doesn’t matter if your needs are spiritual, physical, financial, emotional or in your family, God is ready to release miracles to you! And He doesn’t want to just help you barely survive.   As Brian Carn says, “more than enough, too much and overflow is coming to your house!” This prophetic word is for you, but you must not just hear it.  It is up to you to receive it, believe it, activate it and then experience it!

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Your Transition From Turmoil to Triumph!

On today’s program Brian Carn delivers a prophetic word: you are about to experience liberty and deliverance from turmoil as you move into a season of triumph! Speaking at a Monday Night Service in California hosted by Pastor Benny Hinn, Brian declares that everything you’ve been going through has prepared you for this transition to living in the miraculous. The true motives of those around you are going to be exposed and the very ones who have verbally crucified you in secret are about to witness your glorious resurrection through God’s power and favor. Our Heavenly Father is going to do a new thing and whatever you ask for in faith will not be denied. Give thanks today for the transformation that is about to take place in your life and the lives of your loved ones!

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Enter a Realm of No Limits!

God is not limited by time, distance or circumstances, and on today’s program you’ll discover how to enter a realm of the Spirit in which limitations will fall away from your life. Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Coy Barker will show you how to move from where you are to where God wants you to be and how it can happen suddenly! The time for you to experience God’s miracle working power is not coming, it is here, and all you have to do is reach out and take hold of what is rightfully yours as a true believer who is in covenant with the Creator of the Universe. All that He has is yours, and when you understand how to access His presence, provision, power and peace by following His instructions then you’ll move from knowledge to wisdom, which is the application of knowledge. To enter a realm of no limits you must not only know what to do but actually do it!  Watch today, learn the principles and apply them to your life. You’ll never be the same!

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Ministry Events

Tampa, FL: December 10-11

The beautiful Tampa Bay area is home to Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Tampa Bay. Led by Pastors Alfonso and Blanquita Santiago, this vibrant church has been effectively spreading the love of Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally since 1987. “I’m so excited to be with the Santiagos and all our friends in the Tampa Bay area. I sense a powerful outpouring and great days ahead for this church and region as God seeks to touch an entire generation for His glory. I feel such an expectancy in my heart for these services, and I invite everyone within driving distance to be part of what God has in store for us there!”

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Anaheim, CA: January 21-22

Packed crowds are expected for each of the three services at the River Arena, hosted by River Church and dynamic Senior Pastor Dante Gebel and his wife Liliana. The church has grown quickly into a leading voice to the Hispanic and multicultural communities, including its broadcasting outreach, Dante Gebel Live, to 75 countries throughout Latin America.”I’m excited to join hands with Pastor Dante and the wonderful people of River Church,” says Pastor Benny Hinn. “God has amazing things in store for us, and I truly believe we are going to see an anointing unlike anything we’ve witness previously. Be sure to bring your family and friends who need a touch from the Lord Jesus. You won’t want to miss a single one of these three services!”

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