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Wellness Principles to Change Your Life

God provides all the answers,” says best-selling author Dr. Eric Braverman. “He has given a system that works wonders when we try it. It includes nutrients, diet, lifestyle, combining conventional medicine with God-based healing. When we do it right, the brain can be healthier than ever before. And when the brain is healthy, the rest of the body goes with it.” Without a healthy brain, we end up with a society with heart disease and cancer running rampant. Is it truly possible to reverse aging and disease? We know that God can and does heal, but what can we do to help with the healing process? Discover for yourself on this amazing telecast that includes a revealing question and answer session as studio audience members inquire about specific topics from Dr. Braverman.

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How Demons Can Enter Your Life – Part 1

The Bible gives specific details about doors which can be opened to demonic harassment and oppression. Can Christians unwittingly give access to evil spirits through thoughts, words, and actions? How do we access the authority and power to close those doors and put permanent "Do Not Enter!" signs on them? Don't miss this program, the first in a series, in which Pastor Benny shares information you must have to protect yourself and your loved ones!

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How Demons Can Enter Your Life – Part 2

Today Pastor Benny Hinn concludes his teaching from a recent live Facebook and Periscope broadcast on "How Demons Can Enter Your Life".  In this follow-up to last week's programs on identifying evil objects in your home, Pastor Benny extends his examination of numerous scriptures concerning doors which can be opened to demonic influence through thoughts, words and actions, giving specific steps to take to permanently deny access to harmful spiritual oppression.  The Bible declares that we are to give no place to the devil.  Today, Pastor Benny explains what that means and how to do it!  Watch and learn how to take authority over your family's spiritual well-being!

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God’s Plan for Your Increase

Recently, Pastor Benny Hinn's series of Miracle Healing Services in Jacksonville, Florida, produced amazing results for the Kingdom of God as many salvations, healings and deliverances took place at the Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum Church. In addition, financial miracles have been reported in the days following the services as those in attendance released their faith and trusted God in response to a powerful word from Todd Coontz, a message on God's plan for blessing and increasing His children. Faith is the key that makes miracles happen. This broadcast will elevate your faith to mountain-moving heights!

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Mighty Miracles in Jacksonville

The Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum Church was filled to capacity with thousands in attendance during each of Pastor Benny Hinn's recent Miracle Services in Jacksonville, Florida. On today's program, experience highlights from the first service as Pastor Benny leads anointed worship. Witness the tremendous response to his invitation to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. And when Pastor Benny declared, “Miracles happen when Jesus becomes more real to you than your sickness,” many came forward to share amazing testimonies of physical healings. This can be your day for a miracle!

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Ministry Events

Houston, TX: June 26

The Bayou City, the most populous metropolitan region in Texas and the South’s largest city, is also home to one of the fastest-growing churches led by Senior Pastor Shelton Bady. “God has something very special in store for us there,” Pastor Benny Hinn shares, “and I truly believe that the upcoming service will be historic for those who attend. Hearts will be changed, and bodies will be touched by God’s power. I’m thrilled to be with Bishop Bady and all the wonderful people coming from Southeast Texas, and I truly believe this is a service you won’t want to miss!”

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Sacramento, CA: July 1

Pastor Benny sends this invitation to join him for a very special service of the impartation of the anointing and great miracles. “Our Lord Jesus knows exactly what we need, and according to God’s Word, many of these gifts and miracles come through the direct laying on of hands. I believe God wants to move mightily at this service in California’s Central Valley, and I have a powerful word from the Lord. I know in my heart that this will be a remarkable time together, so I encourage you to bring your loved ones and friends, then believe with me for the anointing to fall. Great things are going to happen in our midst!”

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Ferguson, MO: July 15

A packed crowd and a powerful outpouring is anticipated when Pastor Benny Hinn travels to the St. Louis area for this special service. “I feel such an excitement growing as I prepare to be with the wonderful people of Missouri and the surrounding region. Come be a part of the anointed worship, ministry, miracles, and impartation. This is a time of destiny for many who will be there, and I can’t wait to be part of what God does.” You won’t want to miss this powerful service with the internationally-known evangelist!

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Holy Land Tour: November 1-10

Travel with Pastor Benny Hinn along with your brothers and sisters in Christ on a remarkable journey through the Holy Land! Jerusalem will be your home base, and from there you will explore that land of Israel, traveling north, south, east and west. Your days will be filled with visits to the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing as you “Follow in the Footsteps of Our Lord Jesus”, and you’ll receive powerful teaching from Pastor Benny Hinn along the way. Enjoy breathtaking views of the land of the Bible and be part of this year’s memorable tour with us in Israel.

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