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Understanding Biblical Economics

The atmosphere in the spiritual realm is changing, and one of the greatest needs in the church today is discernment of the times, especially in relation to God’s desire for believers to spread the Gospel. Best-selling author, pastor, and broadcaster, Todd Coontz brings faith- and wealth-building lessons to this program as he shares powerful keys to understanding biblical economics. Unleash true financial freedom in your life. Learn how to enter into a new dimension of abundance. God desires for you to move into an entirely different dimension of power and authority. Be part of the great army that touches our generation for the Lord, despite any economic downturns or political circumstances. This is a telecast you won’t want to miss!

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The Issachar Anointing

Each of the twelve sons of Jacob, heads of the twelve tribes of Israel, received a blessing from his father just before his death. Jacob’s blessings contained prophetic information about the future of each tribe, including the son Issachar. During the time of David’s struggle against Saul (1 Chronicles 12:32), the two hundred chiefs of Issachar who were faithful to David were described as those who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” On this program, young Prophet Brian Carn discusses “the Issachar Anointing” and how believers today can be politically astute, knowing how to understand the times. Get ready for a powerful, life-changing broadcast on the Issachar Anointing!

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Seven Manifestations of the Anointing

In this landmark teaching, Pastor Benny Hinn cites Psalm 89:20-29 , then shares how this passage applies to believers today as the Lord anoints His church with the three-fold anointing of prophet, priest, and king. The anointing will stabilize, strengthen, protect, defend, provide faithfulness and mercy, exalt, and cause you to be used to influence nations. Throughout history, God has placed His anointing on people who have been used to do mighty things. You, too, can know who you are in Christ and how you can be used to help spread the Gospel throughout the world!

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A New Season of Prayer and Fasting

On today’s program Pastor Benny Hinn shares an inspiring message in which he demonstrates from Scripture that your future is bright as you focus on the call of God to pray and fast. In this teaching, he presents powerful insights into this often misunderstood subject, leading you through a comprehensive study on how you can effectively access prayer and fasting to fulfill God’s destiny in your life. You will be impacted mightily as Pastor Benny outlines truth from God’s Word that is of utmost importance for every believer on the importance of prayer, how to pray effectively, and the purpose of fasts. Get ready to move into a new season of prayer and fasting!

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Blessed to Be a Blessing

“God has a plan for your life,” teaches Todd Coontz, noted financial wealth advisor, “and He has a system for blessing his people. There’s a formula, a blueprint, a financial plan for you in God’s Word.” The world also has a plan and system of getting what you need and want without God. Why not experience His plan, His way? From beginning to end, the Bible speaks of sowing and reaping, but it is also important to understand why God wants to pour out His abundance upon your life. He wants to bless you so you can be a blessing. “Prosperity is no accident,” Todd shares. “Money is a tool, a weapon. Understanding the biblical economic system is critical for you to become all you should be!"

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Ministry Events

Aliso Viejo, CA: June 8

It will be an evening of powerful worship and ministry. Pastor Benny says, “God has given me a very special word for that service. I will be laying hands on many who are there, believing for God to bless your life with a fresh anointing, that He will heal your body and meet every need that you have. This will be a very special time together.” Bring your loved ones and friends with you. Come believing for mighty things to take place, for the glory of God!

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Grapevine, TX: June 19

Grapevine is the site for the upcoming Benny Hinn Ministries Partner Gathering. Say’s Pastor Benny, “There is such an excitement building for this get-together at our World Ministry Center Chapel, and I want to send a special invitation to all of our partners and ministry friends throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are expecting a powerful outpouring, and I know you won’t want to miss a single moment of this memorable time of praise, worship, ministry, and fellowship!”

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Smithtown, NY: August 13-14

Located on the North Shore of Long Island, Smithtown celebrates its 350th birthday this year. In the midst of ongoing Sesquarcentennial festivities, Pastors Tom and Denise Carey, Pastors Raymond and Monica Jaquez, and the congregation of Smithtown’s Ministerio Jesuscristo Vive welcome Pastor Benny Hinn to the historic city. Says Pastor Benny, “God has something very special planned for these upcoming services in Smithtown. I’m excited to see what our Lord does among the wonderful people from the entire Long Island area!” The much-anticipated services are expected to be powerfully-anointed and well-attended, so everyone is encouraged to arrive early!

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Brooklyn, NY: August 15-16

Bishop Philius Nicolas has led the Evangelical Crusade of Fishers of Men since its founding during 1973 in the Haitian community of East Flatbush. Says Benny Hinn of the upcoming meetings, “How excited I am to be with Bishop Nicolas and so many dear friends from the Brooklyn area, for I know that God is going to meet us there, hearts will be touched, lives will be changed, and bodies will be healed. I invite anyone throughout New York and within driving distance to join us for these powerful, anointed services!”

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Toronto, Canada: September 17-18

Toronto, located in southern Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in North America. Catch the Fire Toronto, a ministry founded by long-time friends John and Carol Arnott, is a city-wide church in Toronto with 10 locations. Enthusiastic crowds are looking forward to welcome Pastor Benny back to the Toronto area, where he received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the region where he began his healing ministry over 40 years ago.

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Israel Tour: November 1-10

Join Pastor Benny with partners from around the globe November 1st through 10th to “Follow in the Footsteps of Our Lord Jesus”. Enjoy breathtaking views of the land of the Bible, an open-air miracle service in the holy city of Jerusalem, a communion service in the peaceful garden that surrounds the Garden Tomb, special services near the shore of the majestic Sea of Galilee, a baptismal service in the Jordan River at the site where Jesus was baptized and special teaching sessions in historic locations. Be part of this year’s memorable tour and celebrate with us in Israel.

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