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Coy Barker and Pastor Benny Hinn discuss one of the darkest times in David’s life as recounted in I Samuel 30 and how tragedy turned into triumph as the future king of Israel followed God’s instructions. What did David do when the enemy invaded his camp, stole his possessions, kidnapped his family, burned everything to the ground and shattered his dreams?

Even though his own men who had suffered the same fate turned against him, David was determined that this was not the end. He prayed and asked God what to do and how to do it, and the Word of the Lord he received was clear: pursue the enemy, overtake them and recover everything! You may be in the same position David found himself in, with everything in flames around you and with no hope in sight.

Don’t bury God’s promises in a pile of ashes! He is going to change your situation quickly when you do what David did – pursue, overtake and recover all!



From a recent service at the World Media Center in California, Pastor Benny Hinn challenges believers to step out in faith:

“The world is going to have lack during coming days, but those who put their trust in God and obey His guidance won’t. Righteousness puts you legally in line to prosper, and it’s time to step into His supernatural abundance!”

This is a “right now” word for you, one that speaks about the prophetic promises that will come to the body of Christ during the impending, dark financial days for the world.

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