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You can literally cover yourself with the Hebrew tallit in beautiful white with distinctive navy stripes and metallic gold accents. The Messiah Tallit Prayer Shawl features a Messianic roots symbol, recently found on a clay jar excavated in Israel. It was used as an early Christian seal combining the menorah, Star of David, and ichthys (Christian fish symbol). You and your family will cherish this beautiful Messiah Tallit Prayer Shawl – a tallit heirloom that will be an expression of your heritage of redemption, faith, prayer and miracles. This is a must have in the life of every believer.

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  • Beautiful Hebrew tallit in white with distinctive navy stripes and metallic gold accents.
  • Patterned after the four-fringed garment that Jews, including Jesus, were required to wear.
  • The fringes are tied in a specific way to symbolize God’s law and God’s name.
  • Sewn into the four corners of this authentic shawl are four timeless scriptures: Isaiah 53:5Malachi 4:2Matthew 14:36, and 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • This distinctive Hebrew tallit measures 72 x 22 inches (183 x 53 cm)

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Additional information

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Dimensions 72 × 22 in
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16 reviews for Messiah Tallit Prayer Shawl

  1. Lena Barley

    I purchased the Prayer Shawl from BHM to make a difference in my church…The members began to forget that we are in God’s House and it was to much conversation going on and not enough prayers. I spoke to the Lord and ask Him to help me with this problem and I’m interested in a Tallit to make a difference in the church because I couldn’t here Him talk to me.I want to refrain members from disrespecting those in prayer. Members were holding conversations inside of church as in a social and pleasure club, children are being disobedient throughout the services, parents are drinking water in church and allowing children to eat, play with scripture books, electronic games, loudly speak, play with stuff animals, we are not teaching children today how to conduct themselves in God’s House…I wore the Tallit to church and they began to whisper now but continue to talk. I placed the Tallit on my head, I feel at peace as though I’m praying directly to the Lord as though He’s right near me.I thank Benny Hinn Ministry, Google, John Haggie and those Rabbi’s of the training usage. My goal is to purchase two more Tallits for my members by Christmas. May God continue to bless you, your Family and Ministry for all what you have taught me. Thanks again!! Lol.

  2. Jacklyn Hannaford

    I bought my Prayer Shawl with other Scriptures on it. I had not worn it much. A couple of years later I visited a stranger in hospital (pastoral request). Heather was very ill also with cancer. She was so happy at the gift and is now cancer free.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    • What are the prayer shawl dimensions?
      Exquisite in design and workmanship, this distinctive tallit measures 72 inches in length and 22 inches in width (183 x 53 cm).
    • What material is the prayer shawl made from?
      The Messiah Tallit Prayer Shawl is made of 100% acrylic.
    • What scriptures are on the Messiah Tallit Prayer Shawl?
      Sewn into the four corners of this shawl are four scriptures— Isaiah 53:5, Malachi 4:2, Matthew 14:36, 2 Corinthians 5:21.
    • What if need further assistance?
      For more information visit the Partner Assistance area at or email us at

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