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I was recently in the hospital for a week due to my kidneys shutting down for a second time. I was also having severe constant pain in my belly area. All the times before when I went to the er, they could never find anything that was causing the 'chronic pain' that I was in. Well, this time the Dr that was treating me had them do one of those camera scopes down my throat. Sure enough, they found the issues. I have several ulcers along my esophagus that was causing the esophagus to close shut. The Dr took and did a minor surgery to widen my esophagus to where it needed to be. I also have a laceration just near my sternum bone as well too. This is causing me intense pain where it comes and goes in waves. It feels like a bad case of the 'monthly cramps'. Most of the time I am reduced to tears and when I was in the hospital, I was given Morphine every 4 hours to cope with the pain. I have a lot of continuing stress in my life that is greatly affecting my health as it is. Please pray that the pain will go away and that the ulcers and laceration will heal up soon. The nausea is also flared up and leaves me not eating well at all. Anytime the phone rings I want to throw it under the bed and not deal with it. They say that pain changes a person. I want to be that person that changes pain to allow me to be a person! Thank you for your time and your prayers. I am 50 years old.

Received: July 6, 2020