Benny Hinn Ministries Prayer Wall


Jesus I pray, I boldly come to the throne room, favor and mercy over all my prayer requests are 100 percent answered no matter, I receive 100 percent today of mine, and all the good others that I would want and receive today, 2rw and always shows forth BOLDLY, Im asking that you anoit me with gifts, gifts to me that would help when there needs to be help. Anoit my brain, body, and Life. Peace of mind. Give me ideas that will help and upgrade my health & wealth reveal the mysterys & for me and my future husband, Blessed reputation. lord have mercy restore what needs to be restored to me, anything missing in my Life, replace it with working of Miracles to fullest right now with replacements of best, & I pray for all the people in the world that you protect them from doing any hurt & harm to me, peace with my enemies, bless them, stop them from hurting me, my family, and the people I love, creative Miracles and lord the blood of Jesus covers my prayers, my life, everything I own, and my family, that their is a heged of favor protection wrapped around us as with a sheild, we have Life abundantly, Bless you Jesus! That this prayer starts now & I receive it now 100 percent & you Lord & people make it show forth BOLDLY, and that you silence my enemies like David did the Golaith but the right way BOLDLY all at once right now infront of everyone I love that will last a Life time I pray in Jesus Name Amen

Received: February 13, 2019