Benny Hinn Ministries Prayer Wall


Jesus I pray, I boldly come to the throne room, that you please take my feet far then they could ever wander into Blessings, good doors open, bad doors shut, and my faith will be made stronger, Have the mind of Jesus Christ, no plague come near my dewelling, no evil befall me, Redeemed, Healed, Happy, Fun, Laughter is mine from you Jesus & restored to big bold comfort, break every bad chain in my life, Life abundantly, and I dont have to fight for my Life anymore that Jesus makes all the bad go away so I dont have to fight for my Life anymore because Jesus Christ you died and rose again for me its all written in the Bible I receive it by Faith, that I receive all the desires of my heart bout my Health, Wealth, & that I get to do the things I have always wanted to do, anything that wants to stop me or did in the past I pray it never returns, and is uprooted out of my Life & cast into the sea, and doesnt come back, that you put a stop to it Jesus right now & people and favor with people. Best guidance, widsom, Miracles for me boldly where ever I need them & want them with your Biggest Favor & Biggest Mercy, silence the enemies in my Life, my family, friends, and the people I love BOLDLY in Jesus Name Amen, Bless you Jesus!

Received: February 13, 2019