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Rocio Ruiz Mayer Goyenechea

A divine intervention in our mariage with my husband Luigi.

God please Express your perfect and divine guidence for me and my husband.

Received: July 5, 2020

Marvelous Jubane

Good day

Please pray for God's mercy upon me and for the salvation of my soul.

Please pray for healing in my blood, fluids, kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, feet, and all my body organs.

Please pray for all witches and wizards that are killing people in my family to be arrested by the Holy Spirit and tormented until they repent.

Please pray for God's protection upon me and my family members.

Please pray for a career and marital breakthrough in my life.

Thank you.

Received: July 4, 2020

Marie Gross

Please Pray for my mom Pearl Wells. She has been to the ER three tines this week in severe pain do to a nerve behind her right ear. The pain is so unbearable. It came from nowhere Monday and it just wont go away. My mom is in so much pain. I dont know whatelse to do .Please pray for Healing. Please pray if i take her back to ER the Dr will hv compassion and find what is causing this and able to treat it correctly. I feel that these last three trips they hv no clue.

Please pray God take this Pain away from her.In Jesus NAME AMEN

Received: July 4, 2020


Hello please pray for me for m my neighbors who made constantly giving me trouble. They are disrupting my sleep and we'll being.

Received: July 4, 2020


Almighty father, our Lord and Saviour. Come Jesus, into our home and bless our lives with much needed peace, harmony and light. I pray for your divine presence to always guide and protect us Jesus. Send us the Holy Ghost as our advocate, to cast out all that is dark and negative, to crush Satan and all of his works, and to bring full restoration. Cover us Jesus with your blood, I surrender all unto you. Help us to always speak words of peace and encouragement, and to never use our toungue to hurt each other. Mary, mother most pure, i pray for your intercession with your Son Jesus, on our behalf. In Jesus Name i pray and trust. AMEN

Received: July 4, 2020


Heavenly Father, I pray that you give Mom Gloria, Dad Fernando and brother Bernardo healing of this COVID-19. They have been tested and we cry out to u Lord. Give their bodies the strength to fight the virus. Give them comfort and peace knowing you are in control. In Jesus name, Amen

Received: July 4, 2020

Herolous Millik

Please pray for healing of my daughter Aruna suffering from hallucination and depression and demonic attack

Received: July 3, 2020


Hi Joyce,

Please pray for my marriage to happen as per GOD'S Will and His Timing... In JESUS' Name.


Praying for you and your Ministry!



Received: July 3, 2020

Pamela Van De Wege

Requesting prayer concerning a personal spiritual battle please.

Need deliverance!

Thankyou and God bless.

Received: July 3, 2020

George Jacob

Dearest Pastor sir,I humbly request you to kindly continue to pray for me and my family and especially my younger brother Verghese Jacob who is recovering fast from his ailement of cancer,may he completely recover and may the lord touch and heal him completely and restore him back to normal health and fitness and health and remove all the pain the cough,the discomfort,the swelling etc from him and let be perfectly healthy and happy and be able to continue his ministry of bible study and ministry of the church music dear lord. Amen.

Received: July 3, 2020