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family protection from virus by blood christ (rebecca, jack, fredi,lucy, james,chris,roy, val,rosie, brian, gary, martin, andrew, nigel .paul)

Received: October 18, 2022

Sharla Adams

Dear Pastor Benny Hinn please pray for I Sharla Adams that God will remove these laughing demons off my memory and thoughts as well as away from my husband Joseph Brantley I hate foolishness and disrespect to God and others people it came from my mom please pray That God will remove and rebuke and deliver me where ever it came from in Christ Jesus Holy Name Amen...

Received: October 17, 2022

samuel younus

I applied USA Visa always refused. Please Pray for me failure sprite stay away from me in the mighty name of our Jesus Christ. God put me on next level please pray for me.

Still i have Good job in Dubai thanks to God for his uncountable Blessing i form Pakistan

Samuel Younus

056 373 1019

Received: October 17, 2022

Margo curry

My daughter Denine lightener will start eating and drinking water and ensure and taking her medications she will live and not die and any curse on her life from a false prophet will be destroyed. God will heal her from dementia and any brain problem thank you Margo curry her mother

Received: October 15, 2022



I pray that you restore my marriage with my ex wife, so that we can be a Godly family in Christ.

Received: October 14, 2022


Praying for my sister's future husband who is currently a non believer, that he will receive salvation and accept Jesus as his saviour before they shall get married.

Received: October 14, 2022


God always give me plenty of finances everyday and forever.

Received: October 14, 2022


Pray for me to get closer to Jesus christ. II want his anointing upon my life. I need to feel his love in my soul, in my mind, in my thoughts, in my body, in my surrounding I need Jesus now more than ever.

I want to read my Bible more and pray more often I want to be a Seeker of the Lord Jesus Christ there's so much physical stuff going on in my life,but all I want right now is Jesus I want him first and then I will know for sure all things will be put in place.

So please pray for me I want Jesus

Received: October 14, 2022

Pratima Mathews

Praise the Lord

I need breakthrough in my job

I have already have given interview now waiting for results for interview please pray i should get selected in this job in the name of JESUS ALMIGHTY

Received: October 14, 2022


Hi please pray for my updaughter mayushi who is 12 and a half and been complaining of eyebrowpain on the right side and neck pain almost every day after school I took her to optometrist they gave prescription glasses but her eyesight seem to have gotten worse please pray for a supernatural restoration of her eyesight and healing of every pain in Jesus name, God bless

Received: October 14, 2022