Pat Robertson’s Wife, Dede, Remembered


Pastor Benny Hinn Joins Believers Worldwide in a Tribute to Pat Robertson’s Wife, Dede, Remembered and Longtime Friend


When I received word that my dear friend Pat Robertson had lost his beloved wife, Dede, my heart was so moved by the loss the entire family must be feeling. I sent word to Pat right away that I was praying for him and that all my precious partners would be supporting them in prayer. Their love and commitment to the work of the Lord have been inspirations to us all. Since they were married in 1954, they have given their all to the Lord Jesus, and Dede was right there by Pat’s side every step of the way. In 1959 she was there when they bought a broken-down UHF broadcast station. And from those humble beginnings, CBN was born. Because of her strength and persistence and her unwavering love for Pat and her family, their commitment to the Jesus they followed has literally touched the world and changed it forevermore.

When Dede was once interviewed about her incredible life, the interviewer asked her to name the one singular accomplishment she valued above all others. Her answer was simple and succinct: “Raising four children.” And that characterized the Dede I have known all these years. She was unfailingly elegant and exuded warmth and generosity of spirit, but she was also as strong as a California Redwood and stood unflappable when the winds of adversity blew.

I love Pat and consider him one of my closest friends in ministry. I love the whole family and will miss Dede tremendously. As they celebrate her homegoing, please pray with me for the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who promises “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4).

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