Loren Cunningham (June 30, 1934 – January 8, 2023)
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Pastor Benny Hinn Joins Believers Worldwide in a Touching Tribute to Loren Cunningham

Psalm 116:15 declares, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Certainly this is true for Loren Cunningham, the faithful, godly founder of Youth With A Mission and ministry pioneer who blazed worldwide trails during his monumental career.

Pastor Benny Hinn has joined with other international leaders in honoring his long-time pastor, teacher, and friend:

Through the years since then, being around Loren has continued to be revolutionary. The freshness of the Holy Spirit’s anointing that flowed through him and his commitment to sharing the Gospel is something that I can’t begin to describe to this day. 

Yet though he was a life-changer for me and so many others, Loren was always so humble. Any time I tried to refer to him as doctor, pastor, or reverend, he would quickly say, “Benny, please call me Loren.”  

My family and I have spent countless hours in his presence, experiencing firsthand many of YWAM’s ministries, and during that time my respect for him continued to grow profoundly. 

Along the way, YWAM’s global outreach expanded into every nation on earth through evangelism, training, and mercy ministries, eventually becoming one of the world’s largest mission movements. Tens of thousands of full-time staff now serve at over 2,000 YWAM locations in nearly 200 nations. Millions more have served in YWAM programs as short-term students and volunteers. 

Global initiatives launched under Loren’s leadership include King’s Kids International, the University of the Nations, and YWAM Ships (currently 28 major seagoing vessels serve the world’s coastlines and most isolated islands). 

Loren’s ongoing thirst for knowledge eventually led him to receive three bachelor’s degrees, a Master of Science degree in Administration of Education, and three honorary doctorates.  

He authored six books, including my favorite, Is That Really You, God? (translated into more than 140 languages). 

Most importantly, untold millions of souls around the globe have received Jesus Christ into their hearts and have been discipled through this

remarkable man’s ministry.

“When you are saved it is instant,” I remember him saying during one of his many guest appearances on This Is Your Day, “but seeking to disciple a nation takes time. Jesus said to do both—to preach the Gospel to every creature, but also to disciple all nations. He has given us that authority, and He has commissioned us to disciple them on the Word of God.” 

He lived by those words until the day he passed into the arms of the Lord Jesus whom he served so faithfully!  

Loren is survived by his beloved wife, Darlene, his daughter Karen Cunningham, his son anddaughter-in-law David and Judith Cunningham, and three grandchildren, Madison, Kenna, and Liam. I ask my partners to join me in praying for this precious family during the coming days. 

Truly, only eternity will measure the impact of this beloved man’s life, but the time has come for us to join his loved ones and believers aroundthe globe in mourning the passing of my friend, so I unite with so many others in celebrating Loren Cunningham’s reunion in heaven with all those who are there as a result of his ministry, and especially with the Lord Jesus whom my remarkable brother served so faithfully during his memorable lifetime! 

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