Initial reports from Benny Hinn’s Healing the Nation Crusade in the East African country of Kenya on February 24-25 have been even more thrilling than expectations!

Months and months of preparation led up to these two days. Huge billboards throughout the region heralded Benny Hinn’s much-anticipated Kenya event. More than 5,000 choir members met in different sectors of the nation to prepare. Pastors and leaders gathered during 90 days of fasting and prayer to cover Benny Hinn, their nation, and the services. Thousands of churches became involved.

Finally, the waiting was over, and highways into Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi were filled with heavy traffic from throughout Africa.

More than a half-million people jammed the 150,000 seats inside Nyayo Stadium as well as the overflow area outside the huge facility, extending far into the surrounding areas.

“Hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets around the stadium,” one spectator reported. “Even though they couldn’t get inside, they seemed to want to stay and hear the amplified speakers that could be heard clearly. No one seemed to want to leave, even when it was apparent that the facility was packed to capacity. And the anointing was very strong throughout the area. Something wonderful and historic was happening, and everyone wanted to be part of it!”

During the first service, Pastor Benny Hinn preached on the Deity of God. Initial reports from the services describe powerful worship, multiplied thousands of salvations, and amazing miracle testimonies of healing and restoration.

During the second service, the audiences continued to surge as Kenya’s President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto joined other dignitaries and the surging crowd. As the Rutos came into the stadium, the entire crowd stood and applauded.

The president addressed the massive audience, which included numerous African television networks, thanking Pastor Benny for visiting his nation and expressing deep gratitude to the massive crowd for coming together for this historic Healing the Nation Crusade. He thrilled the audience as he spoke of his love for the Lord, and how God had encouraged him to fulfill his purpose as Kenya’s president. He pointed to this crusade as part of his purpose, then expressed that he had come to receive and hear God’s Word.

President Ruto and his wife then broke protocol and came toward Pastor Benny as they knelt down for prayer before him. Pastor knelt with them in highly charged moments of heartfelt connection and anointing.

Pastor Benny then spoke on the reliability of the Bible as the crowd listened in rapt attention. Afterward, thousands lined up to testify of their healing. Deaf ears were opened! The blind began seeing. Pain was gone. Others dropped their crutches and walked!

Pastor Benny also prayed for the pastors there. Thousands came forward. The Holy Spirit touched them, and they fell on the ground as a wave of anointing went through the crowd.

“God has moved mightily here in Nairobi,” Pastor Benny reported after the final service. “So many are saying that Kenya has been changed forever. And I know that this is just the beginning of a new wave of anointing throughout this nation and the entire continent of Africa. God is accelerating everything as the day of Christ’s return approaches, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of these services, including those from around the world who have given and prayed toward this amazing time in Nairobi.

Much hard work and prayer was poured into this anointed weekend to Kenya, and to God be all the glory!”

Your Crucial Impact

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