Entering Your Promise Land

“God wants you to act in faith, declaring His lordship over you and yours as you claim His promises for today and for your future.”

Imagine being given a promise of a complete release from imprisonment, endless years of hard labor, and forced slavery to the cruelest of taskmasters.

Suddenly, the promised release comes, but then you’re plunged into homelessness and required to wander with no place for your family to sleep except under the stars, fearful of what that night, or the next day, will bring. Your worry intensifies by the day, as you face unthinkable new challenges and tragedies.

Then someone offers you and your family ownership of an extraordinary land filled with houses, properties, fields ready to harvest, and successful businesses.

How amazing would that be? How would your life change?

If this astonishing promise was made to you, would you welcome the promise with thankfulness or cringe from the surprising and unprecedented opportunity?

Would fear and anxiety creep over you like dark storm clouds, completely overshadowing the promised wealth, as your apprehension grows?

Nothing of your life as a slave or homeless wanderer has prepared you for this opportunity.


You wonder, “Can this really be mine? Is this a cruel joke? Is it a trick to get me to do something I might not want to do? What if I must battle someone before I can take ownership of this unexpected windfall? What if I get killed trying? Worse, what if it’s just a horrible exercise in futility with no real pot at the end of the rainbow?”


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This was the situation the Israelites had to face after they left Egypt. As a people, they had spent hundreds of years in Egypt (Exodus 12:40), first as honored guests, then as slaves. Those years left them unprepared to accept God’s promise of a land that was beyond all imagination—one that was “flowing with milk and honey.”

How does this relate to you?

Let me share a story…

The Twelve-by-Twelve Cage

According to an account I heard many years ago, Mohini was a stunningly beautiful white tiger that lived in the United States National Zoo in Washington, D.C., during the 1960s. The magnificent animal had been an extraordinary gift presented to President Eisenhower and the American people from India in a ceremony at the White House on December 5, 1960.

Mohini was a star attraction, even in her 12-by-12 cage with iron bars and a cement floor. She would pace ceaselessly, occasionally roaring to the delight of zoo visitors, and the zoo began planning a much larger natural habitat in which the white tiger could roam freely in acres of forest, with rolling hills and a large pond.

Finally, the expansive project was completed, and a large, enthusiastic crowd gathered to witness Mohini being released into her lush new playground. Legend has it that to everyone’s surprise, instead of romping in enjoyment throughout her new rambling park, Mohini headed straight for a perimeter wall at the enclosure’s edge and began pacing around in a 12-by-12 imaginary space, just the way she had learned while in her cage.

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Over time, the imaginary space was worn bare of grass. Sadly, Mohini stayed in this tiny corner at the wall for the remainder of her life, oblivious to the freedom and opportunities she had.

Have you ever felt constrained by boundaries that were self-imposed or created by habits? Oh, that we could learn the lesson from Mohini and the children of Israel who were mentally and emotionally enslaved, even when freedom and blessings were available!

The Wilderness Process

God delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt after years of bondage, just as He promised He’d do.

The promise of becoming a great nation was first made to Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21), then confirmed to his son Isaac (Genesis 26:3) and his grandson Jacob (Genesis 28:13). The Promised Land was described in terms of the territory from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River (Exodus 23:31).

Before they departed Egypt, the Israelites were given the wealth of the Egyptians, also as God had promised:

“When you leave you will not go empty-handed” (Exodus 3:21 NIV).

God rescued them from Pharaoh’s army by opening up the Red Sea so they could walk across on dry land before the waters returned to destroy the Egyptians. Then the Lord took care of their daily needs as He led them toward the Promised Land.

The Hebrew people were free! They had abundance. They were headed for the Promised Land. But they weren’t ready to accept it. Why? They still had a fearful, distrustful, bondage mentality.

We are told:

The Lord said to Moses, “Send men to explore Canaan, which I’m giving to the Israelites. Send one leader from each of their ancestors’ tribes.” So at the Lord’s command, Moses sent these men from the Desert of Paran. All of them were leaders of the Israelites. (Numbers 13:1-3 GW)

Forty days after being sent out, the spies returned, bringing back amazing fruit from the land, and reported to Moses about “a land flowing with milk and honey” (Numbers 13:27). But they also spoke of giants and walled cities.

Caleb, one of the spies, said, “Let’s go now and take possession of the land. We should be more than able to conquer it” (Numbers 13:30).

He was voted down. Sadly, God was offering them the Promised Land, but they weren’t ready to receive what He had in store for them. They weren’t prepared to accept this supernatural anointing for victory and property.

Wilderness Preparation

Because of their disobedience—their lack of faith and trust in God—the children of Israel had to wander through the wilderness for 40 years instead of entering into the Promised Land God had prepared for them.

During these four decades, they learned the process of trust, then faith, then action!

They missed the opportunity to participate in the first recorded anointing for property for which they hadn’t labored, cites they didn’t build, and vineyards and olive groves they didn’t plant (Joshua 24:13).

Even though they didn’t trust God enough to receive His gift of the Promised Land, He continued to bless them on their wandering journeys, and they learned the lesson of giving generously to His work:

Moses gave a commandment, and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, “Let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary.” And the people were restrained from bringing, for the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done—indeed too much. (Exodus 36:6-7 NKJV)

They trusted God and were obedient, and God blessed them. Their generosity continues to be a lesson for the ages! Oh, that we might learn and act upon this principle.

Eventually the people learned to trust God and act in faithful obedience, and they were able to go into the Promised Land and accept their new houses and lands.

Fulfillment of God’s Promise

After 40 years in the wilderness, the people were finally ready to take possession of the land that had been promised to them. God spoke to Joshua concerning the Promised Land (Joshua 1-5), and the children of Israel were told to “possess the land, which the LORD your God giveth you to possess it” (Joshua 1:11).

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Because they were full of faith, obedient, and generous in their giving, they were given an inheritance of lands and houses beyond imagination—a promise that had gone untapped for 40 years!

These houses and lands were given for their future! This tremendous transfer of wealth to the children of Israel became the foundation for building a legacy of success and a hedge of protection during turmoil-filled times.

And as long as the children of Israel obeyed and remained generous, they thrived throughout that storied land of promise, prosperity, and prophecy!

The principles the Israelites learned ring just as true today as they did thousands of years ago, for these aren’t man’s ideas—they are from God Almighty. As long as you obey and give generously toward the His work, He seeks to overwhelm you with His promises, His prosperity, and His prophetic word—especially during this season when the greatest wealth transfer is poised to happen. And it can happen for you and your loved ones!

Your Promised Land is Waiting for You!

Today, we are living in a remarkable season that will completely overshadow any previous wealth transfers, including the time when the children of Israel set about possessing the Promised Land. There is a supernatural anointing for believers to acquire houses and lands.

In a recent email, I quoted leading financial analysts. They point to the coming $68 trillion “Great Wealth Transfer,” which will occur as baby boomers begin the most significant-ever generational wealth transfer to their children!

I believe that one of the leading reasons for this monumental transfer of wealth is to finance the preaching of the Gospel and prophesied end-time harvest!

God truly desires for you to possess your own Promised Land properties. He wants you to be part of the greatest wealth transfer—to be blessed so you can be a blessing to others.

As with the children of Israel, the wealth transfer is waiting for you. Are you ready?

What will you do to receive the wealth transfer God has prepared for you?

Have you been in a season of preparation? Has God been preparing you to accept the promised wealth transfer? Are you ready to move beyond where you are today?

I want to assure you that He wants you to be part of the most significant wealth transfer this world has ever seen. He truly desires for you to possess your own Promised Land properties.

I pray you’ve learned something new from this teaching, and I encourage you to follow these three key principles based on the experience of the Israelites and their journey to their promised lands:

• God wants you to break out of any form of mental or emotional bondage—your self-imposed “12-by-12 cage.” He wants you to enjoy the expanded borders and amazing blessings He has prepared especially for you. He wants you to trust Him and believe that if He said it, He will do it!

• God wants you to be obedient in your giving, to give generously and sacrificially toward His work—the preaching of the Gospel and the financing of the end-time harvest!

• God wants you to act in faith, especially in the area of houses and lands, declaring His lordship over you and yours as you claim His promises for today and for your future.

Benny Hinn worshiping - enewsletter - Benny Hinn Ministries

Today, while the anointing for property is active and my faith for your godly inheritance is incredibly strong, I urge you to take these three steps. There is so much more waiting for you than what you have today.

And as you give, I’m praying in agreement with you that God will do the mighty and miraculous in your life—that you’ll see the breakthrough you’ve been praying for, especially in the anointing for houses and lands!

Sow your seed today. Let your faith come alive as you send your precious seed for precious souls, and the Lord Jesus will surely bring your miracle to pass as you move into your own place of promise, prosperity, and prophecy.

For the glory of our wonderful Lord Jesus,

Benny Hinn

God wants to bless you beyond your wildest imagination with miracles for property and much, much more! He is ready to move in your life that way. Break past any emotional enslavements as you step into a new place of biblical prosperity for houses and lands and sow your seed today to help take the Gospel around the world. Plant your seed in faith, staking the claim to your Promised Land and expecting a supernatural harvest.

Remember, in your hand, it’s just a seed, but with God, it’s all you need!