A Miracle in the Making

“God occasionally intervenes through unusual circumstances in ways that surprise and amaze us.”

There’s a verse that says, “I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19 MSG). Recently something happened that truly stunned me, and I knew instantly that it was a God-sized idea. Because of that, I want to share an amazing announcement with you.

First, before I share about what God is doing in our midst, let me give you some context.

Large Crusades

People often me ask why we stopped holding large crusades in America. The answer is quite simple: The costs are simply too great.

Back when I started doing crusades, a two-night event would cost around $200,000, which had to be paid months in advance. Then at that crusade, generous partners like you would sow seed into our ministry to cover the $200,000 required for the next crusade.

Our ministry requires high-quality music, healing lines, people announcing miracles, and all the other components that God has used so mightily to impact this generation. Most of these positions are filled with volunteers.

More and more event locations started requiring us to hire the same amount of union people as we had volunteers. Suddenly, we were required to hire and pay 200 to 1,000 union workers—one for every volunteer and paid staff member at the crusade. And if we dared to go past 11 p.m., we had to pay them double-time, all at union wages.

Eventually, a two-night crusade was costing $2 million or more. That’s why in 2008 we began to work more with churches and non-union venues.

My dear friend Morris Cerullo counseled me, “Pray for God to give you people who will pay for crusades around the world.” I started praying, and it began happening.

Remarkably, doors began to open, invitations came, and faithful pastors, businessmen, and community leaders began to pay the costs for me to come and minister to hurting, needy, and lost souls around the world.

Benny Hinn on stage

In fact, I’ve just returned from Taipei, Ghana, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and other locations where I preached face-to-face with multiplied thousands of wonderful people. And dear partners in those regions paid for most of the expenses of the crusades. We experienced overflow crowds in each place, and many came to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Mighty miracles flowed over the crowds.

Yet, even with all the recent victories, I’ve been pleading with my precious Master, “Lord Jesus, how can I reach America?”

America is heavy on my heart!

We’re still doing Miracle Healing Services throughout North America, and I’m planning more for the rest of 2019, as well as for 2020.

But we must do more. We must reach America now!

Technology Advances

As you know, recent technological advancements are revolutionizing everything we do. With your help, we have become more efficient and cost-effective in every area of our ministry, and our technology outreach has exploded, as is evidenced by millions of followers on various social media platforms.

We’ve started realizing that our Dallas facility no longer requires the large staff, phone center, and other services we utilized during the crusade era, and we now have room for expansion in this new, exciting environment.

What God is already doing is even bigger!

We’ve taken advantage of the very latest technologies for live-streaming video, social media, and our website to stay on the forefront as we obey Christ’s Great Commission.

Utilizing the newest social media technologies is merely a process to becoming the best stewards of God’s money as we seek to become all things, using all means, to impact the next generation for Christ (1 Corinthians 9:22).

As our internet technologies team in Dallas has become more and more crucial to the future of this ministry, we have accelerated that expansion, especially in terms of specialized, professional social media and internet personnel, video content, interactive media workstations, and infrastructure. And we’ve already seen great benefits by reducing our costs and maximizing our efficiency. We are truly riding on the latest wave of internet technology.

Best of all, God has given us this wonderful opportunity to lead the way toward worldwide revival!

New Multipurpose Ministry Center in the Dallas Area

Just a few weeks ago I asked one of our ministry executives about finding a space in Dallas where we could have regular meetings. Right in the middle of the conversation he sent me a FaceTime invitation. I was so surprised, but I accepted.

As he appeared on my screen he said, “Here’s your conference center. Here’s your international hub. Here’s the place that will touch America. And you already have it!”

I looked into my iPhone, and what I saw began stirring faith deeply in my soul.

As he walked through the corridors of our building, my vision increased powerfully, and something erupted in me that made me know that this was from God.

Amazingly, I was searching for something that God had already given me—but it was right there in front of me.

I didn’t wait a moment longer. Within a few days, I got on a plane and flew to Dallas to talk with a building contractor about retrofitting our property into a multipurpose ministry center, complete with a large studio!

Grapevine Office - enewsletter - Benny Hinn Ministries

The Lord truly spoke to me that this is our future! And I can’t wait to share these plans with you.

Let me give you some history: Nearly 20 years ago we obtained a huge building on State Highway 121 close to the Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the world. Through the years, as the area has exploded in growth and popularity, this property has served as our ministry’s center for outreach and administration.

God gave us this building years ago. It’s been used mightily and will continue to be the hub of our ministry, especially as we move more and more into the newest technologies.

In meeting with my staff in Grapevine, a suburb of Dallas, we discussed the new plans to turn this building into a multipurpose ministry center, and the Lord changed everything when His precious and beautiful presence invaded the area where we were gathered. An amazing healing presence poured out on some of the staff members. To me, it was the perfect confirmation.

Here’s even bigger news: The same day I flew to Dallas for the meeting with the contractor and my staff, I received word that the Impact Network, quickly closing in on being seen in as many homes in America as TBN and Daystar, wants to air our monthly Dallas teaching and healing services live and free of charge!

Not only will these monthly meetings in Dallas be broadcast on social media (as are our California services), but they will also air on the Impact Network. And through them, every cable system in America, plus DirecTV and Dish, will offer them.

We will also be holding at least two conferences a year there in the Dallas studio, and several large ministries have also expressed interest in using the multipurpose ministry center for conferences.

Besides the monthly healing services there, I want to expand to other uses for the studio and facility, and the Impact Network will promote them for me nationwide.

I truly believe that this building God gave us 20 years ago is just beginning, and our Dallas campus is about to become the epicenter of a great awakening for healing services, ministry conferences, concerts, youth events, and so much more.

Who knows what He can do with this amazing facility?

I’m thrilled to share this exciting news with you, and I’m writing now to ask for your help financially with a special offering for our new World Media and Conference Center—a multipurpose ministry center and studio in Dallas.

I Need Your Help Today!

Our facility in the Dallas area was built as a typical office building, where hundreds of staff worked strategically in cubicles and offices. But now we need to retrofit areas of that 56,000-square-foot building by tearing out the ceiling, adding extra air conditioning, mounting a full television lighting grid, adding cameras and production equipment, and installing noise-baffling acoustic insulation. The floors must be updated, and seating must be constructed for the 1,000-seat audience.

Dallas studio area - enewsletter - Benny Hinn Ministries

Here’s where we are right now:

  • Today, to start construction and renovation, I urgently need at least $250,000, above and beyond our regular budget, for construction to begin next week on the new studio and to order the lighting and sound equipment.
  • By September 1, we will need an additional $175,767 to be ready to host our first monthly healing service in our new facility. That amount includes funds needed for the stage and seating, as well as for the required camera and taping equipment.

Think about the potential. And with your prayers, faithful giving, and generosity, we can do this without incurring any debt!


For less than 25 percent of what a large crusade in the U.S. would cost today, we can build a new multipurpose ministry and conference center with a world-class studio to reach all of America as well as other nations worldwide.


Outside the USA?

Donate in your local currency with PayPal. No PayPal account required!

These services, viewed online and through Impact and other networks, will be bigger than any crusade I could hold anywhere in this country, yet without all the expenses of personnel, traveling, venue, time, and logistical costs.

I’m asking you to help me build out and equip this new multipurpose center to reach America through our healing services and conferences.

A New Season!

We can truly reach America and the world through this new World Media and Conference Center.

It will be a hot hub for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit to be displayed and a powerful center for miracles and anointed teaching.

I’m asking you to sow a “First-Seed Gift” toward this new multipurpose ministry center as we make a fresh new start for our remarkable building already standing on State Highway 121, just minutes from DFW Airport.

Because of your First-Seed Gift, the sick will be healed. Because of your prayers and faithfulness, lives will be changed. Because of your commitment, countless souls will be saved for all eternity!

Benny Hinn speaking

Even as I write these words to you, my heart aches for the souls who need to hear the life-saving and miracle-working message of Jesus Christ that God has anointed me to proclaim through every means possible.

My eyes brim with tears as I think how my beloved partners have stood with me for almost 50 years, and I know that I know that I know that God will fulfill what He has placed on my heart in recent days.

I need at least 1,000 of my most faithful partners to plant a seed-gift of at least $250 today.

Then prayerfully consider planting an additional seed of $175.78 on September 1, 2019.

I anxiously await your response as you join with me in this step of faith by prayerfully sowing your most generous seed today!

All my love,

Benny Hinn

Will you join Pastor Benny and at least 1,000 of his most faithful partners in planting a seed-gift of at least $250 today? Then, will you plan now to prayerfully consider planting an additional seed of $175.78 on September 1, 2019?

We can do this together. We can make the Dallas World Media and Conference Center a reality as it begins to impact America and the world with the life-changing and miracle-working Gospel of Jesus Christ!