Exciting Mentoring Opportunities with Pastor Benny
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Class via Zoom this Monday, July 27th at 3 P.M. Pacific Coast time.

All-Access Membership

These classes will be a private Zoom meeting for the All-Access members of The Benny Hinn Institute.

  • Be personally mentored and coached live via Zoom by Pastor Benny Hinn.

  • This is a lifetime opportunity available to you for $25 a month.

  • Follow your calling and grow spiritually in preparation for ministry.

  • You will see and hear Pastor Benny and he will be able to see your face and name.

  • You will be given the opportunity to speak with him and to ask him questions.


Sit across the table from Pastor Benny Hinn as he pours his heart out, coaching and mentoring you, preparing you to be a crucial part of the coming great move of God!

Listen as he shares personal and rarely heard memories from his experiences of sitting at the feet of the giants of the faith and leading his own history-making events around the globe!

These interactive Zoom meetings with Pastor Benny are one of many exclusive features of Benny Hinn Institute’s All-Access Membership, available to you for $25 a month.

If you are already a $10 a month Benny Hinn Institute Archive Collection Member, don’t miss the amazing opportunity of access to PBH and his speaking into you by upgrading. It’s simple and easy!

Discover your future now! Join other young people hungry for the Holy Spirit’s power. Get started today!

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