Dental and medical examinations, birthday celebrations, educational activities—what many youngsters take for granted—are major events for the staff and children of the Tulancingo, Mexico–area My Father’s House. Mexico’s Tulancingo-area My Father’s House, which opened in May 2004, provides a home for abandoned, needy, and less fortunate children. Opening with 27 youngsters, that number has since grown to 69 precious boys and girls. The home, built and underwritten exclusively by Benny Hinn Ministries partners around the world, is led by Executive Directors Efrain and Eva Bracho. Not only does My Father’s House offer an opportunity for precious children to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, and beautiful environment, but it also places a great emphasis on providing wholesome activities to grow them into strong, balanced, happy, productive adults who reach the world for Jesus Christ.

A Visit from the Dentist

One of the most important activities was a recent visit from area dentists. Professionals from the Colegio Hidalguense de Cirujanos Dentistas, came for more than three hours to conduct checkups, provide treatment, and teach proper dental care. Eva Bracho reports:
“Many of the young people have tooth damage because of past lack of attention. Some had never visited a dentist prior to coming to My Father’s House. This group of dentists gives regular attention to our children as part of a special program, and all of us are so grateful.”

Annual Physicals

This past month also marked the annual physical exam for all the children. Area physician Dr. Leobardo Barranco visited My Father’s House to offer free checkups to all of the children and staff. Eva says:
“Dr. Barranco is so precious to us. He helps take care of the children whenever they are ill. Again, many of the youngsters never saw a doctor before coming here, so he has been such a wonderful part of all that we do through this ministry here at the home.”

Trip to the Museum

Sixteen children at My Father’s House are part of a special school program that includes an education outing to the Interactive Museum ElRehilete, located in nearby Pachuca. This interactive science and technology museum is designed for children to learn and play within a universe designed to develop their abilities and curiosity. Its modern planetarium offers special events for the children. The youngsters reported how they especially enjoyed the massive prehistoric sculptures.

Friendship Day

All the children celebrated a special Friendship Day with an outing to a nearby theater. The celebration included a movie, recreation time at a mall, and lunch in a buffet-style restaurant. Ten of the youngsters and several of the staff members celebrated birthdays for the month. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” then enjoyed cake!


One of the young people honored at the party was Valeria, celebrating her 15th birthday. Physically abused by her mother, she came to My Father’s House in 2003. Now one of the oldest girls at the home, Valeria is a very good student, helps with housework, and is very helpful with the younger children. Valeria says:
“I am so happy living here. I love it because we are taught about Jesus. We are given a safe place to live. Nobody used to watch me and I was mistreated, often hit for no reason. Now it is different. This is a place where we love each other and grow to know of God’s love.”
Valeria’s desire is to become a professional tourist guide and to serve her Lord Jesus Christ all of her life!

A Special Thank You

Eva Bracho sends a special thank-you: Valeria and all the children and leaders say:
“Thank you, Benny Hinn Ministry partners!”
The seed you are planting into these young lives will be harvested in unimaginable ways, and the rewards for what you are doing for the boys and girls of Mexico’s My Father’s House will be eternal!