Pastor Benny Hinn and the Events staff are headed across America and around the globe to hold Miracle Services, Partner Gatherings, and Conferences. These memorable Events feature praise, worship, ministry, salvation, and signs and wonders (miracles).

You can be an invaluable part of these historic Events! Key volunteers are needed in all areas, especially in the following: 

Preparing For The Anointing…

Benny Hinn Ministries Service

From mid-morning through afternoon — usually day before the conference or before services begin. The Setup Teams help to set up the venue in preparation of the upcoming services. As a team, we will actually turn the venue into a church!

Setup volunteers may be asked to lift heavy items. You will want to wear comfortable work clothes. You will also receive special seating for you and a guest.

At least 10 setup volunteers are needed, more are welcome.

God will honor your dedication to fulfill the great commission by offering your time to afford others the life-changing opportunity to attend a Holy Spirit Miracle Service!

From the last “Amen”…

Volunteer Image 2 - Benny Hinn Ministries

On the last day of event, from the last “Amen” — immediately after the service conclusion, the Breakdown Team begins the process of “tear down”. Because of strict venue contracts, we usually have a very narrow window of time to break down and pack up everything.

The last thing Benny Hinn Ministries wants is to be fined by a venue for not vacating at the agreed upon time. These fines are usually several thousand dollars–dollars that could go to global ministry. It is also important to be respectful of venue staff by not keeping them waiting past their scheduled working times. When we are on schedule, everyone is happy.

As with setup, volunteers in this service area must be able to lift heavy objects. Please wear or change into comfortable clothing. When you sign up online, you will be given a specific assignment.

A Servants Heart…

Volunteer Image 3 - Benny Hinn Ministries

One of the greatest needs in each city is members of the Service Team. Each volunteer should be able to walk up and down stairs repeatedly before, during, and after each service and to stand for extended periods of time.

Dress is business casual, and comfortable shoes are strongly recommended. Service volunteers must check in and be ready for a short orientation session, usually two hours before the doors open on the first day of the Event.

You and a guest will receive special seating for the Events. Service volunteers will be asked to serve in one of three ways:

  1. Book Table Volunteers help at the product tables before and after each service.
  2. Greeters stand at an entrance to the venue, handing out Event materials and assisting those with special needs.
  3. Ushers and Usher Captains greet people in assigned sections, assist those with special needs, and help with the offering.
  4. Certified Deaf Translators — beginning to end of each service.

We will need the expertise of at least two Translators during the praise and worship portion of each service, as well as with interpreting Pastor Benny Hinn’s message. Sign up online, and we will contact you personally with more details.

“Every Tongue Shall Confess..”

Volunteer Image 4 - Benny Hinn Ministries

Spanish translators are needed from the beginning to the end of each service. We need experienced English to Spanish translators during the praise and worship portion of each service, as well as with interpreting Pastor Benny Hinn’s message.

Translators will have a private space with headphones to hear the service and a microphone to transmit translation to FM receivers.

We have heard so many powerful testimonies of non-English speaking attendees who have attended English spoken services. If this is your gift, you are a much needed tool for spreading the Gospel.

Sign up online, and we will contact you personally with more details.

“Make A Joyful Noise”

Volunteer Image 5 - Benny Hinn Ministries

You have probably heard Pastor Benny say,

“If you love worshiping the Lord, we want you to be a part of our special mass choir.”

While singing ability is certainly needed, you do not need to read music to sing in the choir. Many from your choir and congregation can participate in this very special and anointed music group.

Choir members need to arrive at the service dressed appropriately. Men: long-sleeved white dress shirt with black trouser’s or suit and a black or white tie; comfortable shoes (no jeans). Ladies: Black and/or white dress or nice pantsuit; comfortable shoes (no hats).

We will be sure to communicate rehearsal times and dress code in advance of the event. Nothing adds to the atmosphere of the anointing like powerful praise and worship.

Protecting The Anointing…

Volunteer Image 6 - Benny Hinn Ministries

Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and Professional law enforcement assistance is a necessity with large crowds. Volunteer state-certified law enforcement officers are greatly appreciated. Sign up online, and we will be in personal contact with you.

Your Opportunity to Serve…

  1. Check the Events schedule online and chose an event in your area and register.
  2. Encourage your loved ones and friends to sign up online as volunteers. Working together on the team with close friends (and newfound friends) can be especially gratifying
  3. If your church is not already working with us to encourage and sign up volunteers, you may also want to coordinate a campaign among the leaders and members of your fellowship in order to encourage participation. Let us know online today if you are interested in working as a volunteer leader in your church.
  4. Volunteers need to be a minimum 16 years old for product table work and 18 years old to usher, and must be able to:
    1. Attend the training sessions
    2. Physically stand on their feet, walk, and climb stairs
  5. The dress code is business casual and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  6. Because it could interfere with volunteer duties, we ask that you not bring along children who need adult supervision. No childcare is provided.
  7. Volunteers will enjoy reserved seating during each session and can invite one guest to sit with them.
  8. Volunteers are required to pay their own food, travel, and hotel expenses.
  9. Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in harmony with biblical standards at all time.

Multitudes of souls will be reached for Jesus Christ, and lives will be changed forever! Each of these events features dynamic services and require a team of dedicated volunteers of anywhere from 30 to 300, depending on the venue. I invite you to be part of one or more of the upcoming Events.

None of them can happen without our wonderful volunteers. What a blessing you will be to so many. Your participation could change your life forever, and I know your efforts will have an eternal impact for the glorious cause of our precious Lord Jesus Christ!