A vibrant young boy, Rajani has already faced a lifetime of challenges, but his courage is an inspiration to everyone who meets him. He suffers from thalassemia, a rare blood disorder that begins in early childhood. The disease leads to a breakdown and shortage of hemoglobin that causes anemia. Left untreated, most children with this disease usually die between one and eight years of age. Rajani, however, is already beating the odds, because he comes regularly to Calcutta Mercy Hospital for blood transfusions—a service provided by Benny Hinn Ministries partners. He talks excitedly about a future that would have been impossible without these blood treatments.


At age 18 months, Tuhin is naturally happiest at home, but out of necessity he has spent quite a bit of time in the Benny Hinn Pediatric Wing. He has just gone through cleft-lip surgery, provided free by Benny Hinn Ministries partners. He can’t wait to return home and into the arms of his mother, father, and older sister. In the meantime, he paints, looks through books, and plays with the other children. Soon he will head home with a beautifully reconstructed face, a newfound confidence, and a future that has been changed forever.

A Life-Changing Mission

Tuhin and Rajani are just two of the 100,000 patients who come to Calcutta Mercy Hospital each year. Founded in 1977, this 173-bed general hospital has a variety of services, including a complete surgical facility, three critical-care centers, a pediatric center, an emergency center, and general medical surgical center. Recent renovations provide the latest in technology for patients who need phone and Internet access during their stay. Complete diagnostic, laboratory, and pharmacy facilities enable patients to receive most services on site. The Calcutta Mercy Hospital in India, now in service for over 33 years, is underwritten by the generous support of the partners and ministry friends of Benny Hinn Ministries. Huldah Buntain, cofounder of Calcutta Mercy Hospital, says:
“When I know we are giving 500 children blood transfusions each month for leukemia and also know of the many surgeries of children with cleft palates (50 this month alone), I cannot thank God sufficiently for Benny Hinn Ministries and the wonderful financial assistance. Words fail to express our gratitude for Benny Hinn Ministries’ wonderful assistance with the hospital. The needs seem to increase daily. Thank God for your help, your heart for medical missions, and your concern for the poor of Calcutta.”
According to Dr. James Long, president of Calcutta Mercy Hospital, and Bonnie Buntain Long, president of Calcutta Mercy Ministries:
“It is because of the generous support of Benny Hinn Ministries that we can continue to provide programs and services that exemplify excellence. We are thankful for this beautiful partnership and for the thousands of lives that continue to be transformed as a result. We are grateful to Pastor Benny Hinn and all the Benny Hinn Ministries partners for allowing us the means to give access to nutrition, healthcare, and help to the impoverished of India.”
Located in a city of 11 million people, surrounded by a country with a population now topping a billion, the Calcutta Mercy Hospital is a much-needed open door to reach an often otherwise closed country with the Gospel. This great hospital continues to offer free medical care, all under the supervision and care of capable doctors. Thousands of people are being helped there, including heart patients, who benefit from the high-tech medical equipment that our partners have paid for and maintained! Patient care is provided by an experienced staff of highly qualified physicians and nurses. Its affiliation with the Calcutta Mercy School of Nursing allows a better nurse-to-patient ratio, which provides patients with extra attention. Additional hospital staff includes a chaplain, a dietician, patient-care assistants, and special caregivers for infants. Every day, the Benny Hinn Pediatric Wing at the Calcutta Mercy Hospital cares for many of India’s needy children. The second floor children’s wing includes a doctors’ room, nurses’ room, pediatric intensive care unit, an isolation ward, as well as private and semiprivate rooms. Every part of the pediatric wing continues to flourish. Sanjay Prasad, CEO of the Calcutta Mercy Hospital, says:
“I see the hand of God at work here at Calcutta Mercy Hospital on a daily basis. We have been placed in a position to help the less fortunate here in Calcutta, and Benny Hinn Ministries has had such a monumental impact on the hospital. Thank you for supporting children like Tuhin and Rajani!”
Because of the faithful partners and friends of this ministry, thousands of children like Tuhin and Rajani, and “the least of these,” are being helped every day. Desperate people are receiving loving care—all because of you and your love for the Gospel! That is what the Lord Jesus is talking about when He tells us to preach the Gospel and to help the poor and needy. We depend on your support of this ministry. As you give, you enable Pastor Benny and the ministry to do what God has called us to do.