Pray for Turkey and Syria Earthquake Victims


Pastor Benny Hinn Reports Immediate Ministry Response

Reports continue to arrive from the tragic earthquakes and aftermath in Turkey and Syria. The current death toll exceeds 41,000 people. Many tens of thousands more are injured. It is bitterly cold there and survivors are in shock. Immediate help is needed as desperate rescue efforts continue.

With the first reports, I contacted our ministry friends already working in the hardest hit areas. They have staff on-site providing rescue and emergency help, bypassing restrictions often imposed on “outside” efforts.

That partnering ministry, Roads of Success, was founded by dear ministry friends Dr. Yvette Isaac and Jacqueline Isaac.

They are Christian Egyptian-Americans who have a heart for those facing inequality and tragedy throughout the Middle East.

In faith, I made the first gift myself. And knowing the hearts of my generous partners, I also made a strong financial commitment on behalf of Benny Hinn Ministries to the efforts that will be needed during the days, weeks, and months to come. This will not be a short-term recovery.

Now I’m asking you to join me with your lifesaving gift.

Also, please join me in praying today and in coming days that our Lord Jesus will watch over, protect, sustain, and comfort the precious people throughout the region during uncertain days ahead.

The times are hard while authorities assess the epic damages and families await news of missing loved ones and mourn untold losses.

Your generous donations will go to helping victims of these devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

These much-needed funds will provide rescue efforts, medical treatment, emergency food and water, and basic necessities, along with ministry to the many in dire need.

Donate now to help earthquake victims using the following link: Donate