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The Four Voices You Must Listen To

On today’s program Pastor Benny Hinn welcomes noted speaker, author and evangelist Mike Smalley to This Is Your Day.

They engage in an important discussion about four voices you must listen to in order to have a fulfilling, successful and prosperous life. The first voice, of course, is that of the Holy Spirit as you receive direction, insight and guidance for the short-and-long term decisions you make on a daily basis. Don’t miss this enlightening program as you’ll learn about the other three voices which will shape not only your day but your destiny. It is time to cut through the noise of the world in order to recognize the voices that truly matter.

Watch, expecting to receive revelation truth which will significantly impact your life!



From a recent service at the World Media Center in California, Pastor Benny Hinn challenges believers to step out in faith:

“The world is going to have lack during coming days, but those who put their trust in God and obey His guidance won’t. Righteousness puts you legally in line to prosper, and it’s time to step into His supernatural abundance!”

This is a “right now” word for you, one that speaks about the prophetic promises that will come to the body of Christ during the impending, dark financial days for the world.

Don’t miss today’s faith-building broadcast about securing the future for you and your loved ones!


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