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Jessica came to a recent Benny Hinn Miracle Service directly from the hospital emergency room where she had unsuccessfully sought relief for a bleeding ulcer. The intense pain stopped as she walked into the studio, and when she came forward to tell what had happened, she revealed that she was not saved.

Pastor Benny then ministered to her about the Love of God and Jesus’ words in John 10:28 where He declared, “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” Jessica prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior and received a special word from Pastor Benny about her future relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Don’t miss this broadcast, not just for the anointed worship and amazing miracle testimonies, but to be reminded and assured of God’s everlasting love and commitment to you, His child.



From a recent service at the World Media Center in California, Pastor Benny Hinn challenges believers to step out in faith:

“The world is going to have lack during coming days, but those who put their trust in God and obey His guidance won’t. Righteousness puts you legally in line to prosper, and it’s time to step into His supernatural abundance!”

This is a “right now” word for you, one that speaks about the prophetic promises that will come to the body of Christ during the impending, dark financial days for the world.

Don’t miss today’s faith-building broadcast about securing the future for you and your loved ones!


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