We Are The Elijah Generation!

The spirit of Elijah belongs to people of destiny. But we cannot discover God’s will and our destiny without living in the spirit. When we speak about the anointing of Elijah, we don’t mean that anointing was his. It was God’s anointing on Elijah. And when we say “the days of Elijah,” we don’t mean days of revival but days of darkness as God worked through that mighty prophet. But Elijah’s destiny was to ride to heaven on a chariot of fire! I pray that you, too, will discover your calling and destiny in a deeper way through this teaching.

7 Hours of Amazing Insight from Pastor Benny!

We are the Elijah generation! Beginning with a sweeping panorama of Israel’s history leading up to the time of Elijah, Pastor Benny Hinn recaps how the prophet appeared on the scene during one of the nation’s darkest days to declare famine on the land. Each of the prophet’s steps beginning at that point—including his visits to Cherith and Zarephath—are recounted on this remarkable teaching series:
  • God Moves in Seasons
  • The Life of Elijah
  • The Road to Zarephath
  • The Fire of Elijah
  • The Dimensions of the Anointing
  • The Third Dimension of the Anointing
  • The Dominion Anointing

Do you believe you have an anointed destiny? Discover the many parallels between Elijah and believers today who are called by God to a mighty purpose.

Course Summary

Lesson 1: God Moves In Seasons
Lesson 2: The Life of Elijah
Lesson 3: The Road to Zarephath
Lesson 4: The Fire of Elijah
Lesson 5: The Dimensions of the Anointing
Lesson 6: The Third Dimension of the Anointing
Lesson 7: The Dominion Anointing

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