Historic Doors Are Opening Now

I don’t remember ever seeing so many reports of the nations crumbling politically, morally, financially, and spiritually—all at the same time! I don’t think it has happened so universally around the world since the dawn of human history. Today’s news headlines, taken at face value, should shock each of us to the core! Syria, among many other places, is a powder keg! And what’s happening there is of utmost importance prophetically, for the Word of God […]

What’s Happening at My Father’s House in Mexico

Dental and medical examinations, birthday celebrations, educational activities—what many youngsters take for granted—are major events for the staff and children of the Tulancingo, Mexico–area My Father’s House. Mexico’s Tulancingo-area My Father’s House, which opened in May 2004, provides a home for abandoned, needy, and less fortunate children. Opening with 27 youngsters, that number has since grown to 69 precious boys and girls. The home, built and underwritten exclusively by Benny Hinn Ministries partners around the world, […]

Two Precious Calcutta Children—Lives Changed Forever Through Your Seed-Gifts


A vibrant young [...]

Free Cleft Palate Surgeries Transform Lives of Poor Children in India

While 400 Christian Mission hospitals have closed down in the last 40 years in India, Benny Hinn Ministries through Calcutta Mercy Hospital continues to take the saving, healing power of Jesus Christ to the world. Benny Hinn Ministries works along with Calcutta Mercy Ministries  and with Missionary Huldah Buntain and Bonnie Buntain-Long to provide free health care to 40,000 children and the poor of India every year. Mark & Huldah Buntain, along with their daughter […]

My Father’s House Children Enjoy Summer Trip to Veracruz

My Father’s House in Tulancingo, Mexico, opened in May 2004, providing a home for abandoned, needy, and less fortunate children. Originally opening with 27 youngsters, that number has since grown to 67. The children’s home, built and underwritten exclusively by Benny Hinn Ministries partners around the world, is led by Executive Directors Efrain and Eva Bracho. Not only does My Father’s House offer an opportunity for precious children to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, […]

Ministry-Supported Hospital Flourishes in Calcutta

The Calcutta Mercy Hospital in Calcutta, India, now in service for over 30 years, ministers to over 100,000 men, women, and children each year, and is now underwritten by the generous support of Benny Hinn Ministries partners and ministry friends. Located in a city of 18 million people, surrounded by a country with a population now topping a billion, this much-needed facility is an open door to reach an often otherwise closed country with the […]

My Father’s House, Mexico

Through the generous support of partners and ministry friends around the globe, Pastor Benny’s vision to build homes for unwanted and/or unloved children continues to expand. My Father’s House children’s home in Mexico provides year-round care for abandoned and parentless children in beautiful facilities built from the ground up through the support of our partners and ministry friends. In operation for nearly a decade, My Father’s House in Mexico is a state-of-the-art facility offering a large […]

Hundreds of Indian Children Blessed Through Benny Hinn Ministries Partners

Because of the love and concern of Benny Hinn Ministry partners around the world, hundreds of children are being blessed every day in India!
  • In February 2003 Benny Hinn Ministries provided the funds to build the Home of Jewels Children’s Home, which is located in Orissa, a state situated on the east coast of India. Construction since then has included a new water well, bathrooms, and bathing facilities for caregivers and the home’s first 31 […]

Calcutta Mercy Hospital Changing the Face of India

Since 1977, Calcutta Mercy Hospital continues providing care to more than 100,000 people every year with 40 percent of its total patient care free of charge to those in need.  The seven-story health care and medical research institution, located in downtown Calcutta, India, provides pediatric and neonatal care, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services to abused and underprivileged patients, AIDS awareness, and educational services. The hospital has a Research Centre School of Nursing that provides top level […]