Take Your Eyes Off Your Need

The ringing of the cell phone I was carrying sliced like a knife through the quiet murmurings of those who were praying at the Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem. I knew the voice on the other end of the phone would deliver news that would have a profound impact on my life and ministry. My attorney had spent the morning in federal court before a judge who was known for her […]

A New Season of Harvest and Miracles

Why would anyone sow seed in the cracked soil of a famine-ravaged land and expect a harvest? It’s counterintuitive and laughable to the natural man, but Genesis 26 tells the story of Isaac, a man of supernatural faith, who refused to make decisions based on his circumstances and rather chose to obey God when it seemed foolish to sow. And what a harvest Isaac received! I’ve been reflecting on Isaac recently, especially as we have moved […]

Activate the Release of God’s Promises

God’s Promises are “Yea, and in him Amen!” (2 Corinthians 1:20)

God truly wants to prosper you! There are hundreds of promises throughout the Scriptures that deal with God’s desire to bless us financially. Let me share a few of them.
  • Hundred-fold return—God gave Isaac a hundred-fold return Genesis 26:12).
  • Favor—The children of Israel were given favor in the sight of the Egyptians (Exodus 12).
  • Supernatural increase—God promises increase to His children (Leviticus 26).
  • Prosperity—You will receive so many […]

The Anointing of God’s Favor Changes Everything

God’s Divine Favor for Equipping, Evangelism, and Emphasis on Prayer

I’m sifting through some of the overwhelming and heartwarming comments we have received in response to my recent letters and emails to you. Here are a few stirring examples:

In your letter, you wrote for me to take the form you had prepared, to write down my most urgent needs, to wrap a seed-gift with my faith, and […]

A Special Message From Pastor Benny!


Today I am a living example of how the principle of God’s favor has put my family back together, restored my finances in a pressed-down, shaken-together, running-over capacity, and has drawn me closer than ever before to the heart of my precious Master, Jesus. My family is back together. Suzanne and I have never been happier. Our ministry is growing. And doors are opening around the world! So believe me when I tell you that […]