Seven Blessings of The Atonement


In this book Munsey explains how, not only the Israelites, but believers today, nearly 3,500 years after the day of fasting, prayer, and offering began, can claim the seven specific, supernatural atonement blessings that are promised in Joel 2. Whatever God promised to His covenant people in the Old Testament also holds true for New Testament believers, those covered by the “better covenant.” Through Jesus Christ, we have been atoned, once and for all, so prepare to unleash the Day of Atonement blessings in your life today!

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  • Softcover edition of Seven Blessings of The Atonement by Steve Munsey
  • This books is a follow-up to Steve Munsey’s blockbuster book, Seven Blessings of The Passover.
  • 184 pages on the atonement and God’s covenant with believers according to Joel 2.
  • Available in English.
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    • Is this book a softcover or hardcover edition?
      Currently, we are only offering a softcover version of this book.
    • Is this available as an ebook?
      Benny Hinn Ministries does not offer this book in a digital format.
    • What languages are available for this book?
      This book is available in English.

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