Unleashing Your God-Given Dreams eBook


Do you have a dream for your future? Have you discovered your place in God’s plan? Discover God’s plan for your life as you identify your God-inspired dreams and translate them into your everyday life through real-life, practical steps in this information eBook. Stephan K. Munsey shares dynamic insights on the importance of God-given dreams and how they can help you glimpse the future from God’s perspective based on personal experience and biblical principles. Discover how to unlock the God-given dreams within you. Uncover how to fulfill God’s calling for your life as you unleash the full potential of God’s plan for your life, starting today!

God has a divine plan for your life.



Using examples from history and Scripture, Steve Munsey outlines specific guidelines to help you move toward your goals and examines how dreams can draw you out of the ordinary to the extraordinary. He gives special attention to:

  • Seeing Your Future
  • The Miracle-Filled Life
  • Turning Your Dreams into Action
  • Supersizing Your Future
  • The Finish Line

“The key to a miracle-filled life is to be able to unleash the God-given dream inside you into your everyday life. It’s a process that doesn’t happen in a day, week, month, or year. It’s a lifelong pursuit of cultivating, nourishing, and harvesting the dreams planted inside you by the Father.” —Steve Munsey

eBook Details:

  • 144 pages
  • eBook is in .PDF format.
  • Available in English.
  • Read on your mobile device, laptop or personal computer.

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