Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Book and CD


This book and CD has been called “The Alternative Health Tell-All That Makes Doctors Cringe!”—for good reason. Skyrocketing health-care costs today are forcing many people to take another look at conventional medical treatment and determine how they can eliminate a major portion of costly medical expenses. With over 45 million copies of this step-by-step teaching already distributed around the world, it continues to shock people with the many facts and truths that are vastly removed from what we’ve been taught about health and wellness. You will learn how to prevent and reverse 412 specific diseases with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and herbs. You will also discover that only those who take personal responsibility for maintaining and enriching their physical bodies are going to live safe and healthy lives.

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  • Dr. Joel Wallach’s book, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and teaching CD are all included in this special combo.
  • Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (400-page Softcover): Dr. Joel Wallach provides a clear understanding of the importance of having ninety essential nutrients and sixty essential minerals and how they affect your body and health. This book will convince you of one of Dr. Wallach’s principle medical axioms: “It’s not what you eat that kills you, it’s what you don’t eat!”
  • Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (Teaching CD): Addressing twenty five critical health topics, Dr. Wallach touches on subjects ranging from American’s longevity, cholesterol and heart disease to veterinary health care during this informative CD. A special bonus includes a question and answer session at the end of the CD.
  • Available in English.
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Additional information

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    • Is this book a softcover or hardcover edition?
      The book in this combo is a softcover edition.
    • Is this book available in ebook format?
      Benny Hinn Ministries does not offer this book in a digital format.
    • What languages is available for this book and CD?
      Currently this book is available in English.
    • What is included in this combo?
      The Dead Doctors Don't Lie Book and the Best of Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD is included in this special combo.

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