1001 Wisdom Keys

Few people have helped more people understand the biblical principles of wisdom keys than Mike Murdock. With this landmark book, he shares how God is determined to help you succeed in every area of your life. Miracles, provisions, ideas, and vision can be yours as you remove the veil of disbelief and open your eyes to the possibilities that can propel you toward the abundant life. Learn how wisdom is the ability to recognize important differences in people, moments, and dreams. Discover the invisible picture with you that can revolutionize your life.

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These wisdom keys are scriptural explanations of human experiences. Discover the answers to every question you were unable to ask with this inspirational book.

Book Details:

  • Softcover edition of 1001 Wisdom Keys by Mike Murdock
  • 341 pages full of insightful wisdom
  • Available in English

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    • Is this book a softcover or hardcover edition?
      Currently we are only offering a softcover version of 1,001 Wisdom Keys.
    • Is this available as an ebook?
      Benny Hinn Ministries does not offer this book in a digital format.
    • What languages are available for this book?
      Currently this book is available in English.

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