• Prayer That Gets Results eBook - front cover - Benn Hinn Ministries
    Prayer that gets results is the greatest need in the church today! God Almighty wants to birth prayer in your heart. Prayer is the secret to both survival and success for anyone who seeks to walk in faith, power, and unshakable strength. Benny Hinn takes readers on a life-changing adventure in this inspirational eBook.

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  • Fellowship of the Holy Spirit - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries Fellowship of the Holy Spirit - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    Using poignant memories of making a commitment in Switzerland hotel to seek God with his whole heart, Benny Hinn moves into a teaching on intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and faith-filled prayer that moves mountains. Successful prayer means daily contact with God. When our prayer is not constant, our spiritual life begins to fall apart.It is time to become hungry for God, for He only works with what you give Him.

    Daily Prayer is The Secret to Victory!

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